Productivity is a concept that has a different meaning for every single person out there. Sometimes it constitutes just getting through the day, while for those who are a bit more ambitious it means spending every single day in order to get a tad closer to your long-term goals. Keep in mind that even a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, however, what if you don’t have the discipline and vigor to force yourself to make even a single step per day. Well, here are the top five methods to help you out in this struggle.

Start with 20-20-20 method

The first thing you could try out is a 20-20-20 method to jumpstart your productivity. What this involves is getting up at 4 am and spending the first hour of your day doing three crucial things for 20 minutes each. First, you spend 20 minutes exercising, second, you spend 20 minutes visualizing your goals in life (both long and short term). Third, you spend 20 minutes learning something new. Regardless if it’s a new word in a language that you’re trying to master or a new cooking recipe, the key thing is to keep learning and developing this positive habit.

First two hours of the day are the most productive

The next thing you need to know is the fact that the first two hours of the day tend to be the most productive, which is why you need to use them well. Ideally, you would spend the time before you go to bed in order to prepare everything that you would need for work. We’re talking about data, materials and files that you’ll need for your tasks. Then, as soon as you’ve had your morning coffee and wrapped up with your 20-20-20 routine, you can focus on the most demanding task of the day. There’s no point in postponing this until you’re warmed up, seeing as how this will only make you waste this massive potential.

Go old-school

Go old school

Organizing via an app or a smartphone, in general, is incredibly important, however, it’s also quite easy to manipulate these systems or just outright ignore them when they don’t work in your favor. Instead, you might want to use an old-school tool in order to discipline yourself. We’re talking about getting yourself one of those amazing promotional compendiums. By getting one with your company’s logo on it, you’ll develop a stronger sense of belonging and remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Time management software

time management

Previously, we might have been a bit too dismissive about the idea of using a time-management software in order to kick start your productivity. In fact, such a tool definitely has its advantages. First of all, it makes scheduling easy and fun, as well as helps you stick to the schedule by sending notifications and using alarms as a warning. Second, it gives you a greater insight into how you’re actually wasting your time. This way, you’ll be able to uninstall applications that are massive time-wasters or restrict your own access to websites that are actively killing your productivity.

Have some fun

Don’t feel too much pressure to be productive. You see, the time that you waste doing something you love is never truly wasted time. This is why, for your motivation. It’s essential that you have some time to blow off steam. This is something that you have to do every single day. Regardless if you like playing video games, watching your favorite YouTube channel or even watching a rom-com before bedtime. It’s important that you know that there’s this one thing that you’re looking forward to and it’s something that will get you through the day.


The last thing worth keeping in mind is that you should only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone. This is an old proverb but quite a sound and descriptive one. Also, bear in mind that you need to learn to set your expectations to where you can actually meet them. Procrastinating and not being productive is one thing while setting unrealistic expectations when it comes to your performance and productivity is something completely different. The latter will only help you grow your anxiety and hardly help you in any way.


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