The concept of outsourcing is the cornerstone of the business world and there’s so much that you can and should do to get the most out of it. Sure, on paper, all the benefits of outsourcing sound quite amazing, however, what guarantee do you have that things will end up this way? Needless to say, you need to do your research, pull some strings and go above and beyond to ensure the future of your enterprise. Here are five tips that you should abide by in order to ensure better outsourcing for your business as a whole.

Basic math

The first decision that you’ll have to make is whether to outsource or do things in-house. In general, there’s a belief that all the essential tasks should be handled in-house but then you have some of the world’s largest conglomerates (who can afford all in-house functions) that decide to outsource things like sales and production abroad. Everyone knows that iPhones are made in China (and other places) because this is the most cost-effective way to handle these things and no one has a problem with this strategy. Why would you?


Look at their resume

The second thing you need to take into consideration is the resume of the agency that you’re trying to outsource to. Check out what kind of services they’re specializing in and take a closer look at the list of their clients. You can even feel free to contact some of these companies in order to inquire about the quality of their services. When choosing who you should talk to, make sure to select companies that are similar to yours (in size, industry and needs). This is a fail-proof strategy that will give you the most adequate answer.

Consider outsourcing abroad

Another thing that you need to avoid is thinking too narrow when it comes to your outsourcing options. You see, sometimes, you can get a far better price if you decide to outsource abroad. This is why India is so popular when it comes to customer service. In other instances, you can get a far superior cost-to-service ratio by outsourcing to a different country. For instance, as of lately, more and more businesses make a decision to outsource to the Philippines. Either way, this is not a decision that should be made lightly and you need to figure out the way to get the best value for your business.

Think about scaling

You also need to think about the future of your collaboration and always look for an agency that offers you better scalability. You see, at the moment, the services of this agency might be suitable; however, what if the needs of your organization start exponentially growing in the following period? This is why you need to inquire about different versions and packages of services that you have available and figure out what kind of outsourcing model can you look for in the future.


This is a thing that a lot of people get all wrong due to the wrong interpretation of their role in this scenario. On one hand, you’re outsourcing in order to get one less administrative task to handle on a daily basis, yet, on the other hand, you need to maintain a 24/7 line of communication with the agency in question. Now, keep in mind that just because you’re outsourcing something and you no longer have 100 percent control of the matter (like you would with in-house handling), this doesn’t mean that you can just ignore this entirely. Good communication is the key to any successful collaboration.


The last thing you need to understand is the fact that you have all the leverage. It’s your money, your company and your future that’s at stake, which means that you choose who to trust. If things go south, don’t be reluctant to walk out. Naturally, you need to study your contract and take some steps of precaution beforehand, however, even in this scenario, all the power’s in your hands. Never forget this, seeing as how the success of your enterprise is your responsibility and yours alone.


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