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Hello guys AI is starting to emerge slowly.

AI convincing fake

The faces of celebrities, politicians, children, or pretty much anyone, can be pasted over faces of porn stars in X-rated movies using freely available machine-learning software.

The resulting flicks look convincing, and effectively allow miscreants to place people – from the rich and famous to the powerful to ex-partners – into highly compromising and believable positions on moving video footage.

Although there are innocent use cases for this software – such as pasting your face onto a blockbuster movie character’s head so you can star in a Hollywood film – the potential for blackmail, embarrassment, and harassment is astounding.

The process to create these incredibly damaging faked videos is, thankfully, not trivial, but not impossible. You need the software – a desktop program dubbed FakeApp – plus a big batch of photos of your victim to train the application’s deep-learning neural network, the video to paste the face onto, and a little tweaking here and there to render the output believable.

The software is based on face-swapping algorithms. A deep-learning neural network is trained to identify someone’s face in a still video frame – such as an adult actress in a blue movie – and swap it with someone else’s face – such as a TV celeb or singer. Repeat this at 30 or 60 frames per second, and you’ve got an AI-doctored video.


For example, in this safe-for-work video, the app has pasted Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley onto someone else’s body.

So far, most of the villains have used it to map the faces of women celebrities onto their favorite smut stars. That’s incredibly horrible already – but who’s to stop anyone from using it to create child pornography, or revenge porn? A video of the victim – from a TV show or film or home movie – will produce enough frames to train the model, once cropped and processed.

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We need to think about AI, to what limit we need AI in our lives, cause this can be dangerous and can exploit anybody. Their are some AI that can be very helpful and make life easier and on other hand this kind of AI.

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