Types Of Guest Posts We Accept

  • We are looking for Tips, guide, DIY, stories & articles on technology, business, startup, blogging, automobile, finance, health & yoga.
  • We also accept the latest updates on technology, business, finance.
  • Content should be relevant to a specific topic
  • Do not write location specific article, you can mention it as an example but do not write an entire article based on a single location
  • Please do not write brand-specific, sale-oriented or promotional articles, if you want to write then opt for a sponsored article.
  • We also accept listicles, but they should not be promotional for a specific brand/company or promoting the author’s brand/company in any form. If you want to write a promotional article (sponsored post) contact us thereviewstorie@gmail.com or contact@thereviewstories.com we have paid service also for backlinks paid articles, and banner ads.

Guidelines for writing the article

  • Title 50-60 Characters limit with the focus keyword
  • Meta Description 140-150 Characters Limit with Focus Keyword and Secondary keyword
  • Give H1 (Title) with the focus keyword
  • Passive voice: Not more than 10%, try to use more active voice
  • Proper subheading distribution (i.e after every 300 words), you need to divide the content with relevant headings
  • Transition smoothly from one idea to the next, and don’t jump back and forth between thoughts.
  • Do not make a sentence containing more than 20 words
  • Vary your sentence structure. Provide a mix of simple, compound and complex sentences.
  • Don’t assume that the reader knows everything. Clearly explain or identify anything that may not be common knowledge.
  • Attribute all quotes and sources and always identify the speaker properly.
  • Try to write in Conversational and professional tone
  • Do not use consecutive sentence (more than 2 times)
  • Use focus keyword in First and last paragraph
  • Do not write lengthy Paragraph
  • Keywords density should be 1 – 2% for every 100 words
  • Please don’t add a link in the first few paragraphs, try to add to the bottom
  • Cover all targetted keywords throughout the content
  • Try to use easy language (English) for improving readability
  • Highlight Keywords.
  • Please write the article around 1000-1200 words
  • Try to use Long-tail keywords (for example “How to write a good article” rather than “good article”)

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