Box Trailers

One of the most common and typical trailer used in the road transport industry is the box trailer. These trailers are used for moving and shifting high-value cargo and valuable items like garments on hangers. They are available in different sizes and options and are suitable for whatever you need to carry. If you are looking for a practical and reliable solution, then there are a wide range of options and choices available. Before you browse box trailers for sale, it is essential to keep certain aspects in mind and know beforehand as to what to look for and expect.

The Box Trailers:

They offer a reliable solution for the storage needs of the industry.

  • Different dimensions: Learn about the different height, width, and length options available in the box trailers. Look for a particular dimension as per your requirements.
  • Various features: Get features like combination ramp doors, roller shutter and van rear doors in the box trailers.
  • Single or twin axles: When you look for box trailers for sale, you will get the choice of single or twin axles.
  • Dimensions and capacity: Depending on the manufacture, one can get different Payload capacity in the box trailers.

When going through box trailers for sale, one gets the choice of going for new or used trailers. Again, it is an individual choice and preference based on your budget and needs.

Used or new Box Trailers?

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind that will help you decide.

  • The durability: Ask yourself as to for how long you need the box trainers. If your business needs are for a longer time, it makes sense to buy a new trailer. Even if you are looking for a used trailer, ensure that it is strong and durable to last the more prolonged and rough conditions. Ensure that it is free of any signs of any deterioration and rust.
  • The manufacturer: It makes sense to buy a used trailer from a reputed manufacturer as you can be sure of the quality of materials and level of craftsmanship. A reputed manufacturer builds a trailer that is sure to last for 15-20 years. Just research on the manufacturer and study the guarantees or warranties closely. A leading manufacturer will always provide you the value-for-money service.
  • The manufacturer should also have a regular supply of top-quality spare parts.
  • Material and workmanship: Whether you go for new or used, always pick a trailer that is manufactured with the strongest materials. For lighter and infrequent sue, one can always go for a second-hand trailer.
  • The budget: Those with limited budget may have to focus more on the used options as the new box trailers can be expensive. Nevertheless, keep in mind that buying a second-hand trailer from an unknown manufacturer will turn out to be more expositive in the long run.
  • Speed limit and certification: Always check out the speed limit and certification of the box trailers, whether used or new. As different trailers are certified to certain speeds, it is safer to stick with mot more than 100km/hr speed limit. Depending on the state, the condition of the trailers and how old it is, you need to focus on a roadworthy safety inspection.

If you have time to browse box trailers for sale, do not be in a hurry to purchase. Study the various options you have in the market and be slow with the process. Evaluate the pros and cons of different new and sued models and that will help you zero in on the model that is just perfect for you.


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