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Automobile Industry

Automobile industry is an emerging business, every now and then, there is a new model launched. Technologically it is advancing rapidly, we have ICE, electric, CNG etc. Electric vehicles are the futures of the automobile industry. I will write about all the latest technology and latest models launched, so stick around.  


Driving on Water: The Full Amphibious Guide

Motoring directly into the water may sound like a dream that could never be fulfilled. However, the dream has already come true....

Awesome Limited Edition Cars

Hello Guys today I will list out some of the most awesome limited edition cars in the history. I am only listing cars whose...
gear ratio

How to Calculate Gear Ratios?

Hello Guys we have heard this term "Gear" many times when we talk about vehicles, transmission, clocks and any mechanical device. Today I am...

2017 Maruti Ciaz S

Hello guys maruti has launched a sports version of the one of the most popular Sedan Ciaz in india. The petrol variant is priced...
car cooling system

Car Cooling System

Hello Guys today I will explain the car cooling system which includes: Water Pump Radiator Thermostat Heater Core Coolant temperature sensor Coolant Water Pump Water Pump...

Best tyres to buy for your next car

Hello Guys today I will share with you one of the most important topic. What are Tyres? Tyres are one of the important component of your...

Carburetor vs Fuel Injection

Carburetor engines mix fuel and air in the carburetor, in fuel injector fuel mixes with the air passing through the inlet manifold or port...
weight lifting

Types of Weight Lifting Equipment and Importance of Lifting Equipment Service

Weight lifting is a popular form of sport in which participants show their caliber by lifting weights. The weight lifters are categorized...
Car Maintenance

Top 5 DIY Car Maintenance Tips

Your car needs quite a bit of attention during its lifetime. You’re going to see various malfunctions over the years and not...
Ather 450

Ather 450 Electric Scooter Launched

Finally an electric scooter which can be compared to normal scooters, unlike all the electric scooters which looked ugly and where very slow. This...