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Automobile Industry

Automobile industry is an emerging business, every now and then, there is a new model launched. Technologically it is advancing rapidly, we have ICE, electric, CNG etc. Electric vehicles are the futures of the automobile industry. I will write about all the latest technology and latest models launched, so stick around.  


Range Rover Velar Launched

Range rover launched new model Velar and it sits between Evoque and Range Rover Sport. It is launched at 78.83 lakhs and the top...
Maruti Ignis

Maruti Ignis

Hello guys Maruti ignis is launched with price tag of 4.6 lakhs. It replaces Maruti Ritz on the line up.It is called the premium...


Hello Guys I am here with a topic related to cooling system but this time it's about turbocharger and supercharger. Intercooler are the heat exchanger...

20 useful cars hacks

Hello guys i am here with some easy tricks for your cars that can be useful. 1) How to cool a hot car in seconds? Roll...
Mercedes EQC 400

Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 2019 – First from Mercedes

Mercedes first proper Electric vehicle the Mercedes EQC. Mercedes has been left behind in the EV race, as competitors like Jaguar and...

Types of Differential

Hello Guys Differential is system which transfers power from engine to the wheels. Differential is designed to rotate a pair of wheels at different...

Toyota Innova Touring Sport

Hello Guys the all new Innova Touring Sport has been launched at 17.79 lakhs.It is available on both petrol and diesel engine option. The...
tesla roadster

Tesla just revealed the new Roadster 0-60 in 1.9 secs

Tesla Roadster Tesla surprised everyone and unveiled a new Roadster on the company’s semi truck unveiling. "The new Tesla Roadster will be the fastest production car...

Jeep Compass Launched

Hello Guys Jeep has finally launched Compass in indian market at a price of 14.95 lakhs. Jeep Compass Jeep Compass was one of the most anticipated...
4wd awd rwd fwd

AWD vs FWD vs RWD vs 4WD

Hello, Guys here is the drivetrain of the cars. There are 4 types of drivetrain, All Wheel Drive (AWD), Front Wheel Drive (FWD), Rear...