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Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Car Pooling

Why you should not own cars anymore

You might think why he is saying this. Yes, I am saying the guy who loves cars and writes about them. I had a...
similar city names

15 Cities in world that shares name with Indian cities

Hello Guys I found out that some cities around the world have similar name to that of Indian Cities. It is strange to think...
40 facts

40 Facts that you probably didn’t know

Hello guys today I will give you 40 facts that you might not have heard before. I found these facts on the internet will...

Inventions that could change the world

We hear word invention frequently these days as we are moving towards technologically advanced world. Earlier invention where rare only few invention were heard...

Are we living in a Simulation?

Are we living in simulation? we are not creators we are creations and are created by some advance being. This is a bizarre theory...
climate change

Adverse effects of Climate Change

Climate Change is a serious issue which we have to solve as early as possible. Past 150 years we have changed the balanced of...
Franchise vs. Startup business

Franchise vs. Startup: How to Make the Right Choice

When planning to start a business one of the most important questions that you should ask yourself is whether you should go...
60sec of internet

Whats happens in 60sec on internet?

We are living in the internet age, for getting any information we go online and search for it. Do you ever realize...
workplace productivity

6 Easy Ways to Improve Workplace Productivity

When it comes down to it, your workplace productivity depends on a single factor – your workforce. Still, seeing as how there...
tech office design

4 Super Cool Tech Design Offices

Most of us dream of working in a company which has very original and interesting offices. Working in dull environment is never...