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What is space? It is the expanse that exists beyond the Earth and between celestial bodies. Hearing about space is very exciting and we always want to see the amazing things that companies like NASA and SpaceX keeps on doing. So we will Share all the latest updates related to this category. So keep reading and be excited


Incredible NASA Video Crams 20 Years of Earth’s Weather

NASA has an incredible tool using which you can see two decades of weather activity of the earth. Using this NASA worldview tool you...
Indian Telescope GMRT

Indian Telescope Discovers Distant Radio Galaxy

Another reason to be proud about India, an Indian Telescope GMRT (Giant Meter-wave Radio Telescope) situated in Khodad near Pune discovered a galaxy from...

Reasons Aliens might or might not invade us

This is a very bizarre topic I am going to write about. I am just experimenting by writing about aliens. I do not know...
liquid water of mars

Liquid Water Lake Found on Mars

We know of frozen water on mars earlier and large ice caps on poles. But this time liquid water is found on mars which...
parker solar probe

Parker Solar Probe launched

Parker Solar Probe Nasa Launches Parker Solar Probe today using DeltaIV Heavy Rocket which will go 7 times closer than any probe sent till date....
Black Hole

First black hole picture, on Messier 87 galaxy

Here we have it folks first image of the shadow of the Black hole which is located at a distant galaxy named...
ASAT mission-shakti

Mission Shakti India first antisatellite Test

India has tested its very first antisatellite (ASAT) missile on Wednesday by destroying a de-commissioned Indian satellite in a low earth orbit...
mars insight

Mars InSight Robot

Nasa has launched an insight robot to mars 7 months ago. It has successfully landed on mars surface after a dramatic seven-minute plunge to...
china change-4

China lands on far side of the moon

First time ever a rover has been landed on the far side of the moon. It is a big thing for those...
chandrayaan 2

ISRO launched Chandrayaan 2, landing on lunar surface in 48 days

ISRO's first moon lander Vikram and rover Pragyan launched today after postponed on 15th July. On 15th July ISRO canceled the Chandrayaan-2...