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Everyone’s relationship with their boss is different, from being best friends to only having formal contact, so when it’s time to go shopping for your boss, it’s always a bit tricky. We all aim for gifts that are appropriate and indicative of our appreciation but they should also reflect the nature of our relationship. If you’re close to your boss, the choice is probably quite easy as you would know what they’re into. However, if you only have minimal contact, then it’s better to choose something easy and generic to avoid an awkward situation of getting it all wrong.

In any case, it’s convenient to have a wider choice of gift ideas for your female boss so here are some suggestions.

Office knick-knacks

There are lots of cool ideas for gifts that can lift up the atmosphere of your boss’ office. You can start at her desk and opt for a funny desk sign saying “I’m not bossy, I am the boss” or a framed picture to hang above her desk saying “Nailed it!”

If your boss loves a good cup of coffee not just in the morning but throughout the day, make her happy with an electric cup warmer. It’ll be a real game changer! You might also consider a stylish and very cute ceramic llama planter with succulents and a trendy pencil holder in metallic colours. They will all make a wonderful display on her desk.

As much as your boss enjoys work and bossing, she surely loves her vacation days as well. A world traveller desk calendar with pictures of famous metropolises will definitely be appreciated. And finally, another little detail that can beautify both her office space but also her home are scented candle sets that can ease her instantly when she’s high-strung about meetings, assignments, and deadlines.

Personalised gifts

personalized gifts

If your boss is also one of your closest friends, personalised gifts are always a great choice. Almost anything today can be customized and monogrammed to your specific demands. For instance, choosing monogrammed office accessories such as journals, notebooks, pencil cases and laptop bags in a variety of colours and textures will surely reflect your close bond. Every time she uses the item in future, she’ll have you in mind and how thoughtful you were.

You might also make it more personal and choose a gift she can wear or use at home such as a cashmere shawl or a soft blanket with her monogram on. It’ll be a lovely reminder of your friendship.

Travel kits

Women in business are always on the go and travelling is an integral part of their working routine. With smartphones, juggling all the obligations becomes a bit easier than in the past and as they’re constantly used, it takes a toll on them. A charged smartphone at any given moment means your boss will be able to make all the calls, answer all the e-mails and finish all the tasks. So, a travel power bank makes a perfect gift for your boss so she never finds herself with only 5% battery life left.

No woman ever travels without her essential toiletries and cosmetics so you could consider a secure toiletry case with mini versions of deodorant, body wash, face wash, cleanser, and moisturizer. And a leak-proof insulated mug or a flask for hot or iced coffee will maintain the desired temperature of her favourite drink as she goes from one meeting to another.

Cool cosmetics


If your boss is one of those women who pay a lot of attention to their skincare and you know what type they are, then a gift basket with skincare products can be a perfect gift. Throw in essential and massage oils, body scrubs, lotions, foot and face masks, body mists, bubble baths and a few of those luxury products such as vitamin C serum that brightens the skin after long working days.

A gift like this will surely be a delight as she can go home and pamper herself on her days off.

A few more ideas…

Work is equally stressful for everyone, sometimes even more for the bosses so it’s a great idea to get them something relaxing. For instance, every woman will appreciate a gift certificate for a blowout, a massage or a spa treatment.

If you know you’re boss has a sweet tooth and no guilty conscious, a gift basket filled with yummy snacks, chocolates and treats will make her happy and help her through the day.

And, a simple gift such as a thank you card can make a big difference – showing her your appreciation of everything she does will surely make her put in even more effort in making your workplace a better environment.

With these clever and creative ideas, shopping for your boss will never be a nightmare. Just put in a lot of thought in your choice of the gift and pick the one that will be the most convenient and that will make your boss happy.



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