powder coating

Do you want to remove the powder coating of racks and hangers? Then, there are different types of powder coating removal methods available. Choose the one that best suits your requirements. The coating has to be removed when there is coating failure or when the color is peeled off or when you want to clean the racks. The surface of the product has to be removed without losing its durability. You can remove the powder coating using abrasive blasting, chemical stripper, and by applying extreme heat. Today, some lasers are available to remove the layer.

Three primary methods are used to remove the coating. Each powder coating removal method has its pros and cons. You need to choose a method that is suitable for the project. If you are planning to remove the coating that exists to apply a new coat, you need to prepare the surface adequately.  When the substrate is still greasy and has the old paint, a new coat will not adhere to.

Choose the right removal method that meets your plans

Abrasive blasting

Abrasive blasting

The abrasive blasting is an effective method that will make use of the abrasive medium and drive at high speed using air or water on the surface to remove the powder neatly. This makes use of the dry ice, plastic, glass beads, and crushed glass to remove the coating safely and without deteriorating the product. On the flip side though, this method eliminates the coating, but the substrate becomes rough. By using the gentler blasting method, the surface can be preserved, but it is time-consuming to use this method. This type of coating removal is carried out in a sandblast cupboard or room based on the size and thickness of the part.

Abrasive blasting is the cost-effective removal method that is used to remove the coating of the object, which is not in irregular shape or out-sized. This method leaves a substrate with a rough surface. It takes less time to remove the coating compared to the chemical and heat options.

This removes at the rate of 30 square inches per second. Before blasting, you must wash the part to remove contaminants. If not washed, the pollutants will stay on the substrate and take a toll on the part integrity. This powder coating removal method is famously known as sandblasting.

Chemical stripping

This powder coating removal method uses hot and cold chemical stripping methods. Hot stripper is a kind of caustic bath where the part is kept at a temperature of 80-degree centigrade. The coating on the part will get dissolved, swell, and peel off automatically. The cold stripping is based on the solvent, which you can apply using a brush, or you can dip the part in the solvent to peel off the coating.

This is the most effective, quick, and inexpensive method that will keep the surface of the part smooth after removing the coating. If you want to remove the coating of a part, then you must use a chemical stripping method. On the flip side, this method is not eco-friendly and generates a lot of waste. More importantly, they do not keep the surface profile of the substrate ready to easy coating the next time.

Thermal stripping

The heat is applied to the part through bake-off, burn off, or fluidized stripping. The heat that is applied to the coating will break down the coating and leave the ashes as a residue. This can be removed by blasting or using water. The substrate must have the ability to withstand the temperature that is required to remove the coating, which is 650-degree centigrade. Using heat to remove the coating is the effective and fastest method used. There are no disposals issues as the ashes that are generated after removing the coating can be washed off.

Do some research and choose the professionals for the powder coating removal, who will give you the best service at a good price.



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