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Digital Marketing

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Hello guys i am here with information on digital marketing.

Marketing is always a necessary aspect to connect to your audience. Nowadays people are more online than they where 10 to 12 years ago. So before we used to do offline marketing but currently everything is online so you need to focus on online customers and do your marketing online, that’s when you required Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is online marketing for your products or services using digital technologies, via internet or publishing ads online using digital medium. It helps you to connect to more customers via social media, email and websites. Digital Marketing is an essential park of online business, it helps people around now more about your product or services.

There are various asset used for digital marketing,

  • Your Website
  • Blogs post
  • Social Media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Email
  • Online Brochure
  • Branding asset(Logo,Fonts,etc)

Services in digital marketing,

    • SEO (Search Engine optimization)

SEO is a process with which your website will rank good in search engine with the help of some keywords and it is unpaid listings. It helps increase the number of visitors to the website through search engines.

It includes to major process
1)On Page Optimization
2)Off Page Optimization

There are various factors that needs to be accounted to get good ranking in search engine(mostly google).
1) Keywords in title tag
2) Keywords in description tag
3) Alt tag in image tag
4) Fresh Content or updated content

    • SEM(Search Engine Marketing)

It is a process of promoting a website by improving search engine results pages primarily through paid ads. Mostly people rely on google search results only as it is the widest search engine used, but you also have BING.

To get good results in google with SEM you would require
1) Google Ad-words account
2) Setup the ad-words account
3) Creating Ads and Campaigns

    • Content Marketing

It is a type of marketing done through creating, publishing and distributing relevant and valuable content to customers. It is mostly done through your blog post, it helps explain your product or services in more detailed way. One of the most important of content marketing is to keep your content updated and always publish new and fresh content

    • Email Marketing

Newsletter is a subscription about the topic the consumer has subscribed for. We can provide newsletter for our latest service, product or offer.

Online newsletter is subscribed using the email id. It is a marketing technique used with the help of emails.

    • PPC(Pay-per-click)

PPC is an online advertisement process, with which you can drive more traffic to your websites. In this process advertiser pay each time when their ad is clicked. It is mostly good to publish ads on sites which has more visitors, so as to have more clicks on ads.

    • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM is a process to gain traffic and online presence through social sites such as Facebook, twitter etc. It is used to drive more customers towards your website or product. It helps built good relation with your customers.

Digital Marketing is an important factor for online business for past 12 years, with which you can reach to appropriate audience for your business.

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