What comes to your mind when you here about AI, does it fear you or excite you. First let us understand what AI is. AI is a machine that can learn new things like human, though you have to program it that way or else it will be just a machine, read more here. But there are people who are believing AI can takeover humans if they get advance to a certain level, but some people differ this idea. Common fear is we might lose our jobs. Today I will tell you about some facts and myths about AI. Brilliant guys like Elon Musk to Stephen Hawking have agreed on the potential future pitfalls and dangers of advanced machine intelligence. But current AI is not that advanced.

Types of AI

There are various types of AI, but we are categorizing it in 3 broad categories.

  • Weak AI

This has been their for a long time now, it is just machine that are programmed to act as humans. The learning is limited to the person who is coding. For example Game of Chess, where the machine acts as the human player. You can also consider Siri, vehicle speed controller etc.

  • Strong AI

It is the next level of AI, where machine starts understanding and takes action based on the understanding. Yet we have not perfected in strong AI usage. But we can expect to see some applications in near future.

  • Super AI

It is the AI where the machine knows that it exist. And behaves like a human and adapts and learns. We do not have any example of this, but you must have watched in movies where they show this kind of AI.

Facts and Myths About AI

AI Will Both Eliminate and Create New Jobs

When ever there is a technological change, or innovation some jobs become obsolete, but new jobs are created. This happened when computers came, many employees lost their jobs but new jobs were created. According to me probably in next decade or two, AI will eliminate various jobs like programming of basic application or website, or self driving cars will takeover and no more drivers will be required. But new jobs will be created for maintaining and that AI.

It will definitely not wipe our all the jobs, but definitely obsolete some current jobs.

Data Will Create Smarter Programs

Most consumers don’t give much thought to the scope of personal data that is increasingly exchanged through every digital transaction, from liking a friend’s or favorite brand’s post on Facebook to shopping on Amazon or watching movies on Netflix. But as data collection and interpretation software and processes gets smarter and more sophisticated, so will the services technology companies can offer consumers through targeted advertising and virtual assistants capable of anticipating consumer behavior.

Machines Will Become Smarter Than Humans

This cannot be said with evidence, because currently there is no AI presently that can do. But maybe in future we might have that kind of AI. Even if we are able to built that of AI, we will have some kind of control over it.

AI Is Dangerous

Yes you can say it is dangerous, because all new technology at first looks dangerous, again we can use computers example. The benefit of AI would be greater I think.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence are different

Automation is software that follows pre-programmed rules. Artificial intelligence is designed to simulate human thinking.

According to me AI is new and developing and yet to be explored vastly. That’s the reason we are afraid of it. But once we use it on a daily basis like computers, then we cannot live without it. Just be prepared for changes.

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