First cars to have these technologies

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Hello Guys I am here to give you information on first technologies that were used in cars.

List of Cars to have these technologies

First Indian produced car : Hindustan 10 in 1954.

First production car was build in 1885: Benz Patent-Motorwagen which has single cylinder two-stroke engine.

First mass-produced car in the world was: Ford Model T in 1908.

First mass-produced hybrid vehicle was the Toyota Prius, launched in Japan in 1997.

First electric car in the world: Flocken Elektrowagen in 1888

First Mass-Produced Electric Vehicle in 1996 was General Motors EV1.

Fuel Injection

First vehicle to have MPFI is Daewoo Cielo it had Single point injection

First electronic fuel injection systems was in Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 in the year 1940.

First automotive direct injection system was used in Goliath GP700 in the year 1952.

The First production sports car to use fuel injection was Mercedes-Benz 300SL in 1955.

The First series-production cars equipped with an EFI (Electronic Fuel injection) system in the year 1958: Chrysler 300D, DeSoto Adventurer, Dodge D-500, and Plymouth Fury.

BMW 760i was the first production V12 engine to use direct injection.

All Wheel Drive Cars

First vehicle to have 4wd in India is Maruti Gypsy in 1986

The Four Wheel Drive Auto Co., FWD, was formed by Zachow and Besserdich, initially under the name of Badger, and selling its first 4X4 car in 1911

Spyker was the world’s first 4wd which was produced in 1902

First regular vehicle to have AWD: Subaru Leone

First 4WD mass-produced car: Willys-Overland CJ-2A in 1945

First automatic transmission coupled to 4WD: Jeep Wagoneer

Jeep Wagoneer is the first luxury 4×4

First 4WD in a production GT sports car: Jensen FF

First car to have Adjustable steering: Cadillac in 1965

Nissan R31 Skyline utilized the first practical four-wheel steering system in a road car.

First motor car was exported to India in 1897: Grieve

The first car with an OEM CD player was the 1987 Lincoln Town Car

BMW was the first automaker to support iPod Out, which was quickly developed into Apple CarPlay.


Infiniti Q45 was the first car to introduce Rear View Backup Camera in 2002

First Indian car to have ABS (Anti-lock Braking System): Tata Sierra

First car to have ABS (Anti-lock Braking System): Mercedes-Benz W116 in 1978

Mercedes-Benz and BMW were the first to bring Stability control (ESC) to the luxury market in mid 1990s.

Preview Distance Control was the name of the system equipped on the 1995 Mitsubishi Diamante, and it’s considered to be the first autonomous cruise control system ever used in a production car.

Nash Motor Company was the first to introduce lap belt safety harnesses in 1950.

First car to have All wheel disc brake: Jaguar Mk 2 and Austin-Healey 100S

Citroen 2CV was the first car to have Radial tyres

The first mass production car to use the modern disc brake was in 1955, on the Citroën DS, which featured caliper-type front disc brakes.

First car to have Air conditioning is Packard 180

Spyker 60 HP was the first car to have 6 cylinder engine in 1903

Packard 180 became first car with power windows.

First indian car with power windowsTATA Estate and Tata Sierra

First Diesel engine car of India : Hindustan motors ambassador mark 4

Peugeot 204BD became first Diesel engine car.

First Diesel engine passenger car Mercedes-Benz 260 D

First production automobile with parallel twin turbochargers Maserati Biturbo in early 1980’s

First production turbocharger diesel passenger car was Mercedes 300SD in 1978

Petrol combustion engine one cylinder, 121.6 cm3 displacement was prototyped in 1882.

First electric starter was installed on an Arnold

Tata Sierra became first Indian turbocharged car.

First application of an electronic instrument cluster, in a production automobile, was in the 1976 Aston Martin Lagonda.

BMW 7 Series (E65) became First V8 engine to use variable valve lift (Valvetronic).

First car to use Active anti-roll bars to reduce body roll when cornering BMW 7 Series (E65).


Volkswagen was the first car to have DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) or also DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox), it was first used in GTI models in 2003.

BMW 7 Series (E65) was the first sedan to have 6-speed automatic transmission.

BMW 7 Series (E65) to have first Electronic park brake

First nine-speed automatic transmission for a passenger vehicle 2014 Jeep Cherokee

Initial mass-produced automatic transmission used in General Motors and Cadillac Hydramatic.

First Keyless Entry System was introduced in 1980 on the Ford Thunderbird, Mercury Cougar, Lincoln Continental Mark VI, and Lincoln Town Car

Though in 1939, Packard became the first automobile manufacturer to offer an air conditioning unit in its cars. First modern automobile air conditioning was Chrysler Imperial in 1953 and was one of the first production cars.

I have tried to list most of the first technologies used in automobile. If you have more car technologies to list please leave it in comment or email me i will add it to the list.


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