Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

A recent survey found that nearly 40 percent of all business technology spending will go towards digital transformation in 2020. A digital transformation allows a business owner to revamp existing processes that deal with marketing, accounting, and other important functions. Being able to use digital tools for these processes can help a business become more efficient and successful.

While going through a digital transformation can be difficult and stressful at times, there are a ton of rewards waiting at the end of the tunnel. The main goal you should have during the digital transformation process is avoiding mistakes.

Read below to find out more about how to have a successful digital transformation.

Choosing the Right Digital Tools

Before you start the digital transformation process, you have to take some time to figure out what changes need to be made. Knowing more about weak spots in your infrastructure are can provide you with the information needed to choose the right tools. For instance, your expense tracking mistakes are getting higher, then you need to find technology to fix this crucial problem.

The main problem businesses have when it comes to expense tracking is keeping up with receipts and invoices. Rather than letting human error derail your business, investing in expense management programs like Taggun. With this program, you can upload all of your receipts into a database and easily track them.

Mitigate the Risk Associated With New Technology

Some business owners think that new technology will only bring benefits to their small businesses. While this is mostly true, there are a number of risks associated with a digital transformation. The more software and hardware you add to your existing business network, the harder it will be to keep hackers at bay.

If the digital tools being added are not secure, it is only a matter of time before cyber-criminals infiltrate your network. This is why you need to have a clear plan of attack when it comes to mitigating risks associated with new technology.

One of the best things you can do to secure your network is to invest in professional monitoring. This monitoring will allow you to detect threats early on and handle them before any real damage is done. Working with seasoned IT professionals is a great way to ensure the monitoring process is both comprehensive and successful.

Educating Your Employees is Vital

As you start to add more technology to your business, you will have to focus on training your employees. Simply adding new software without this training will lead to mass confusion. Employees who are not adequately trained on how to use the new tools will start to become disheartened and may consider jumping ship.

In most cases, a business owner will not have the time or the experience needed to provide the training a person needs. This is why hiring professionals to help out is so important. Before hiring an IT company to provide this assistance, you need to assess how much experience they can offer.

Looking online is a great way to find out more about a particular IT company. Online reviews will provide you with details about how well a company has performed in the past. The time and effort you invest in this research will be worth it considering the helpful information it will provide.

Now is the Time to Take Action

The longer you wait to update your company’s existing technology, the harder it will be to avoid productivity problems. IT professionals will have no problem getting you the results you are after.



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