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How to Plan A eVisitor Subclass 651 Visa For Australia

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Subclass eVisitor 651 visas are one type of free visa and these eVisitor Subclass 651 permits individuals persons who want to visit Australia for a business visitor and allows them to stay for the time limit of 3 months at the time frame of 12 months in Australia. If the applicant wants to apply for an eVisitor subclass 651 visa, the applicant must hold a passport which is the part of eligible countries.

Purpose of the eVisitor subclass 651

This eVisitor subclass 651 generally used for a tourist holiday purpose, visit with friends and family and applied for business purposes. On the based on this visitor visa 651 the applicant train or study up to 3 months

If any applicant continues their trip with cruise, during the time of entering Australia the applicant needs an eVisitor subclass 651 visas. For getting more important information regarding the eVisitor subclass 651 visas it’s better to contact Visa Consultant Perth.

Eligibility of the eVisitor subclass 651 visa

Discussion about the eligibility criteria for this visa is mentioned below :

  • The applicant must hold a passport which is the part of eligible countries.
  • Australia maintains a good standard of health condition, it is a must for the applicant to maintain minimum standards about their health condition.
  • To get this visitor visa 651 the applicant has to maintain their character, the applicant has any criminal offense they could not allow to enter Australia and eVisitor visa.
  • If the applicant or the applicant’s family member owes any amount of money from the Australian government, they have to pay back the debt money.
  • The applicant can convince the visa authority for Australia’s visit.
  • The applicant must be a genuine visitor. Stay in Australia temporarily and attached the period of stay in Australia with their visa.
  • It is necessary for the applicant has enough money to support their family members in Australia.
  • The visitor must have the ability to return to Australia when the visa is expired.
  • If any child age is under 18 and has the most interest in travel to Australia, the visa authority considers the child.

Acquiring more genuine information about the eVisitor Subclass 651 Visa it is best to communicate with Migration Agent Perth.

Do’s and don’ts as a Business visitor

If the applicant is a business visitor, they can do:

  • Negotiate, investigate and examine the business contract.
  • The applicant can make general employment inquiries.
  • Conducted activities of the visitors as a portion of the government official visit.
  • The applicant can attend the conference at the time of their business visit to Australia.

Don’ts as a business

  • Business visitors can’t allow for any type of service provided for an organization.
  • Business visitors can’t sell any products direct to the public.

Stay time with eVisitor subclass 651 visa

This visa is called a temporary visa which is a visa authority grant for a maximum of 12 months. At one time with the visitor visa 651 the applicant can enter any time in Australia if the visa is valid for 3 months. When the visa authority granted the visa application then the eVisitor visa start on that date.

The applicant can’t stay in Australia with extending the visa date if the visa is expired; the applicant has to apply for another visa. Any visitors want to stay in Australia for other reasons, the applicant has to apply for applying new visa which is match with the circumstances.

Include family

The applicant cannot have permission to add any family members in the applicant’s visa applications. Each member has to make a separate application for every one of the family members who are included in the passport of the visitors.

Cost of the eVisitor 651 subclass visa

The visa authority takes no charges for the visitor visa 651 application. This visa application process is free.

Additional charges

  • For the medical examination, the applicant directly pays to the doctor which is recommended.
  • The authorities of any respective countries the police verified where applicants live for the last 12 or 6 months.
  • Document certification depends on how many numbers of copies and persons will be certified.

Application process

The application process of the eVisitor visa subclass 651 is online. When the applicant wants to apply for a visa, it is a must to live out of Australia. However, the visa authority grants the applicant’s visa application until he does not arrange any trip to Australia. The applicant needs to live outside of Australia during the time of deciding by the visa authority based on application.

Processing time of the evisitor visa subclass 651

Processing time of the visa subclass 651 is mentioned below:

  • 90% of the visa application within 2days.

Reason of the taking time for process the eVisitor visa subclass 651

  • If the applicant of the eVisitor Subclass 651visa fills the form not correctly process.
  • If the applicant of the visa not mentioned correctly all the documents which are important to grant the visa.
  • Many times this process is very time taking for verifying all the documents.

Travel limitation of the subclass 651 eVisitor visa

When the visa authority grant the visa applicant and during the 3 months of a valid period, the applicant can also travel many times out of Australia and return within a period.

The obligation of the Visitor Visa 651

The main obligation this visitor visa 651 is the applicant has tried to maintain and understand all the laws and conditions of Australia.


This eVisitor subclass 651 visa is helpful for those people who have many purposes to visit Australia and the total cost is zero. This free visa is beneficial for many visitors. The visitor can use it for a holiday or business visit. For gathering more information regarding the eVisitor subclass 651 visa it’s better to communicate with Visa Consultant Perth or Migration Agent Perth.

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