A lot can be accomplished with a small bathroom, both in terms of comfort and functionality. The key is to take the size of the bathroom into account when you start the remodel. It’s also useful to plan all of the work you wanted to do in advance.

When all of the work is done at once, you limit the disturbance to your home life, which often comes with construction. This is also an opportunity to fix the problems that might have come up with your bathroom over time.


bathrrom color

One of the biggest problems with small bathrooms is the height because there’s truly very little you can do about it. That’s why you should try creating an illusion of it instead of going into a large construction project. The simplest way to accomplish that is to use color to make it seem more spacious.

The best way to do so is to paint the walls into two clearly distinct colors. Use one of a third of the wall and the other for the rest of it and the wall will appear to be higher than it actually is. A combination of blue and white usually works well.

No bathtub


A bathtub has its advantages, but saving space is not one of them. If you want to take full advantage of your small bathroom you should make the call and cut the bathtub altogether. A small shower could be just as pleasant and invigorating in the mornings, and it gives you more space to work with.

Once you decide to remove the tub and the pipes connecting it, you should also take advantage of the opportunity and clear any blocked drains that might clog over time.

Water taps


If the goal is to make your bathroom seem compact and cozy while still keeping it stylish you should consider how the water taps are installed. Having the taps just come out of the wall is probably the best way to go because it accomplishes the compactness effect and it fits well with a modern and minimalistic design.

At the same time, it’s useful to install sensor-activated taps once you’re making the change. They are the most convenient for reducing the waste of water, which is a concern a modern household needs to come to terms with.



The best thing you could do in terms of lighting is to rally on natural lights wherever you can. However, for small bathroom, this isn’t always an option and you’ll need to rally on placing task and accent lights around the bathroom to make it more comfortable to use.

There’s one tip to follow in order to make this work. Take a look at your bathroom from a perspective of everyday use. Try to figure out how you’ll use the bathroom and therefore where you’ll need the lights the most. Place LED task lights along your route.

Multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture

In the end, it’s the small bathroom furniture that makes the room feel both comfortable and cozy. Since you have limited space to work with, it’s best to focus on multifunctional furniture that can serve several purposes at once. Each of the furniture pieces should be repurposed as a small storage area because there are always things to store and tuck away in a bathroom.

A small bathroom can be remodeled and designed to be both cozy and functional. It may require a bit of work on plumbing and cutting down the wasted space. However, most of the work will be about design and working your bathroom routines into the new design.



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