We all love to look good, especially in our workplace. However, it seems that our enthusiasm wanes as time goes by. That is, everyone tries to make a good impression in the beginning, so they wake up earlier than needed in order to fix their hair, do full makeup and try really hard about their outfit. However, in time we tend to lose this drive for looking professional and gorgeous and we slowly start fading towards a more casual style in the workplace. However, there are still ways to stay classy and keep it casual and we have just the right guidelines for you.

Business casual pants

Your most logical and most frequent choice probably are pants. However, once you get comfortable, you no longer need to wear those strictly business ones and you can slip into something more comfortable. Think wrinkle-free materials and neutral colors with a bit of stretch in them. They’ll still look suitable for work, but you’ll feel much better in them. Of course, neutral colors are not mandatory, you can also opt for black, grey, maroon or anything you like. Just remember you can’t have patterns on your pants and your shirt. One of those needs to be neutral. As for the cut, you’re free to choose anything you please. It can be wide or narrow, boot cut or ankle length.

Comfy shoes

Once you get comfortable enough in the office, it’s good to bring in your own office slippers. Of course, if company policy allows you to do this, it will be a renaissance for your feet. Just think about it. Imagine sitting at your desk wearing fluffy slippers or indoor uggs. We bet the very thought of it makes you smile. You can get some really cute gear at NRL Merchandise and equip yourself with some class A indoor footwear. Even if your colleagues don’t have this custom, be the innovator and bring it in. Of course, make sure to arrive at work wearing appropriate shoes in case you have an important meeting with your clients that day. Otherwise, you should be fine in your office slippers.

Blazers and cardigans

Your business jacket can be replaced with a bit more casual blazer or a cardigan. They’re more comfortable than jackets and if you choose a non-wrinkling kind, you’ll look professional and tidy enough even with this less formal choice. Of course, not any cardigan will work. You need to find something that is still work-appropriate. However, when it comes to design, you don’t need to stick to plain colors. On the contrary, try pinstripes, plaid or any print you fancy and implement it. As long as you have just one in your entire outfit, you’ll be safe.

Sleeves and necklines

When one is transitioning from business to business casual, sometimes it’s not as easy knowing where to draw the line. Some of the essential things you should know is that layers are good, necklines should always stay modest and show none or very little cleavage. When it comes to sleeves, the ideal length is three-quarters as they look nice and are very polite and practical. Sleeves that are too long simply look weird, while short sleeves or no sleeves are usually frowned upon or require you to wear a blazer or a jacket.

Staple Clothing Items for Business Casual Style

Basically, if you want to switch to a more casual style at work, all you need to do is tone the business part down a bit. It isn’t that difficult. We hope that now you know how to do it and where the limit lies. Of course, be mindful of other people and their attitude as well as company policy, but you’ll probably be fine.


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