tesla cybertruck

Tesla has revealed the weirdest looking pick-up truck in the market. Why does it look like it is designed by a person who does not understand designing? You will soon understand as it is designed by tesla who makes brilliant EVs in the market. At first it felt to me like a vehicle straight out of death race movie or Mad Max fury road.

How does it Look?

A First glance will not impress you because it looks like a box. But as you see it you will start loving it. Though not everyone will love it. Because this market already has a good looking Ford F150 and similar-looking trucks. Literally there are no curves, only lines, and angles, you can say overall design to be polarized.

But remember one thing Elon Musk said in the unveil, “all the pickup trucks for 100 years looks the same”. So this design is to make the Tesla Cybertruck stand out, and make differentiation from other trucks. Tesla had to create a different design, otherwise, how would it get into the pickup truck market, which already has FORD F150, which is like the most popular in that segment. Also, all the competitors built a similar designed vehicle. If tesla did the same then it would have been a pickup truck with an electric motor, which might have succeeded or failed.

But Elon did not want a similar truck and hence he launched a different looking (a good looking according to me) pickup truck design in the market.

What is the specification?

It has 3 variant single, dual, triple electric motors. Cybertruck has ground clearance up to 16-inch, the best in the market offers 9.4-inch ground clearance i.e Ford F150. Also, a new Range Rover is said to have 11.7-inch ground clearance. So it is best in class. Also, it has adaptive air suspension which is adjustable according to your driving condition. If you are driving on a highway you can adjust your clearance accordingly or if you are off-roading you can raise the clearance. The Cybertruck also has adjustable air suspension.

The Single motor has RWD with a 250+ miles range, with a towing capacity of 7500+ LBS (3401 KGS). Does 0-60 mph in 6.5 secs.

Dual Motor has AWD with a range of 300+ miles. The towing capacity is 10000+ LBS (4536 KGS). Does 0-60 mph in 4.5 secs.

Triple Motor has AWD with a range of 500+ miles. The towing capacity is 14000+ LBS (6350 KGS). Does 0-60 mph in 2.9 secs.

The price starts from $39,900, $49,900, $69,900. There is not much revealed about the electric motor at this time. The production of a single motor engine motor will begin from 2021, and the other 2 variants from 2022. You can pre-book yours by just paying $100 dollars on this site, which is refundable.

Other Interesting things of Cybertruck

The truck rear hatch will open and close with a press of a button. It slides open revealing the rearview mirror. It also slide closes to protect the 6 & 1/2 foot trunk for the rear storage space, which is very strong as you might have seen in the unveiling. There is also a charging point to charge your other EV vehicles as shown in the unveiling. There will be an option for converting that slide cover into a solar panel that would add another 15 miles to the range per day. Good for emergency situation.

The exterior shell of Cybertruck is made for ultimate durability and passenger protection. Every component of this exoskeleton is designed for superior strength and endurance using Ultra-hard 30X Cold Rolled stainless steel. It also has Tesla armor glass (which, unfortunately, broke during the unveil). By the way, the real reason for breaking of the glass was the windows which were slightly down from the top, and this was due to the hit with the sledgehammer on the doors, Elon musk said on his twitter.

Thanks to the Tesla website

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