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Your brand’s public image can make or break your company. While it isn’t something you can hold in your hand, it is the bread and butter of your enterprise. Without a stable, consistent brand image, your company growth will be severely stunted. Just think about the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal and what it has done to Facebook’s reputation and stock value (they went 40% down).

You have to be in control of your brand image. In this post, we will show you five ways of doing so that will let you build a stellar business reputation.

Tacitly express your business values

Popular social movements that stand for a clean environment, anti-racism, anti-fascism, LGBTQ+ rights, and feminism have become so significant that it has become hard for even big corporations to neglect them. Your organization can select to support some of those movements, mostly those which are in line with your company values and principles.

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Actions will always speak louder than words. When you support movements/causes your business believes in, the company implicitly shows its values to the world instead of just conveying your values and mission on the company website. Unlike 99,9% of brand marketing, joining a movement makes your message unforgettable and unavoidable.

Show them how your products are made

Your brand’s public image is, in its essence, a belief that your company can deliver satisfying results. One way to strengthen this belief is to have guided company tours. On such tours, your customers can see how good your enterprise is at making products, which safety measures and standards you employ and what makes your products unique.

The whiskey distillery business is a prime example of this approach, as many distilleries organize tours to let their clients learn first-hand how they produce their beverages throughout the whole process, from grain and fermentation to distillation and maturation.

Brand Marketing

There are many positive facets of this approach. For starters, you build relationships with your customers and show them how serious you are in your work. Moreover, you increase your brand’s transparency and honesty and have a way to directly communicate with your consumers – all key elements of positive brand reputation. Ultimately, you get to share your company story in an interesting way.

Speak about your company story

While on the subject of the story of your business, let’s discuss how it can strengthen your brand’s reputation. Everyone loves a David and Goliath story archetype because it demonstrates the victory of the little guy – which is a result of the struggles he endured and the obstacles he faced and overcame.

You can use this to your advantage. Speak of the experiences that your customers will be able to connect with and relate to. Don’t forget to convey the message in an authentic and relatable manner to help your target audience form emotional connections with your brand. You can incorporate stories into all your forms of content – blogs, whitepapers, e-books, and even your “About Us” page to captivate your audience.

Approach influencers with a stellar online reputation

Influencer marketing has become one of the most prominent industry trends in the business world. In the B2C plane, big brands generate a significant return on investment with fashion and beauty bloggers, while in the B2B plane, customers love to hear from experts and industry influencers who’ve made it.

Approaching and working with popular influencers boosts your online brand reputation in three distinct ways:

  • It gives you credibility – The influencer doesn’t know about your brand but trusts it.
  • It offers cross-promotion – If the influencer likes your products, others may follow.
  • It expands your reach – The influencer’s followers will surely hear about you.

Measure how your partners look at you

Your business partners are those who work with your company or in your industry. Maybe they are your employees, collaborators or shareholders. They all have a stake in your reputation since, without a stellar one, you will struggle to gain any traction. They are all relying on you to act in the right way.

The easiest way to find out how your partners view you is to simply ask them. If you don’t have a great brand image with the individuals who matter most to you, how do you expect to have a good one with everyone on the outside?

Building a stellar brand reputation requires that you do it proactively. In other terms, you shouldn’t put out fires after they happen but rather stop them at their infancy. Don’t wait until you have negative reviews to start acting.


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