spain a holiday destination

Travelling to Spain first time? Spain has a plethora of tourist destinations ranging from world-class beaches to fascinating nightlife, tourists can surely have a memorable time here which can be carried as cherished memories forever. It is a great holiday destination which one should visit once in a lifetime.

Let’s explore the reasons which make Spain the most popular tourist destination-

The Pleasant Weather

Spain is one of the sunniest destinations in Europe. The country experiences a continental climate with cool summers and mild winters. Due to its large mountain ranges, the climate of the country changes from north to south. As Marbella boasts sunshine all the year around. It enjoys plenty of sunny weather and Consistent weather makes it famous among tourists as well as makes it an ideal destination for vacations.

The Beautiful Beaches

There are great beaches and resorts in Spain, which attracts thousands of travelers each year. Its 5000 miles long coastline has several beaches which offer water sport activities and fine dining. More than 555 beaches around the country have been awarded Blue Flag status ensuring good water quality. Stunning white sand beaches along with picturesque scenery is the heart of the country. There is nothing like spending time at the place all surrounded by hills and natural beauty.

It’s Rich History and Moorish Heritage

Spain has an interesting history. The Moors arrived in the year 711 in Spain and created their own history. Cordoba Mosque is the perfect example of Moorish architecture which was world-famous at that time. The country is stuffed with well-preserved buildings, museums, cave paintings, and the world’s most mesmerizing historical and cultural sites. It’s Flamenco Dance and Music

Flamenco dance is the real experience of Spain, it is the traditional folk dance of the country. Watching this amazing piece of art by fantastic performers is a must someone should experience. The dance is the dramatic art where performers exchange their glances, they interact through their facial expressions, emotions, music, body language and alluring costumes which tells a story and binds the audience to the show. It is so impressive that the audience cannot afford to blink an eye and miss any act of the show.

It’s Amazing Accommodation Options

Barcelona, Madrid and Marbella are the most famous holiday destinations in Spain. Spain holidays hold true experience for dream vacations. Imagine soaking under the sun in a holiday villa with private pool, spending lazy time on one of the pristine beaches, enjoying good food, staying in a luxury villa to rent in Marbella and feeling like home. You cannot find the perfect place to stay while holidaying then staying at holiday villas to rent in Marbella. The villas are self-catering offering a wide range of amenities ranging from private pool, terrace garden, gym, sauna, spa, badminton court, kids play area and much more.

It’s Vibrant Nightlife

The city never sleeps, it is known for its vibrant and colorful nightlife. You cannot afford to miss endless opportunities for night outs. The country has many trendy cafes, bars, and night clubs where you can enjoy the leisure atmosphere whether you want to dance late at night or want to just socialize, the city has got everything. The experience of the club environment is not complete without eating tapas. Puerto Marina and Puerto Banus are one of the places where you can find pubs, luxury cars and yachts all around.

It’s Varied Culture

Spanish culture is rich and diverse which have a great influence all over the world. People here are fun-loving and friendly, they greet each other with besitos i.e. little kisses. Spanish is the official language of the city, many few people know English there. Therefore, it is advised to learn a few basic Spanish words before you visit Spain. Spanish have their own set of traditions and customs. They have the custom of having 12 grapes one by one on New Year eve. The country hosts a variety of annual festivals throughout the year, La Tomatinais one of the famous festival of tomato fights held in Spain.



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