Top 15 Dialogues from Interstellar


You said science was about admitting what we don’t know  –  Murph


Okay, well, right now we don’t need more engineers. We don’t run out of television screens and planes. We ran out of food.  –  School professor


You didn’t expect this dirt that was giving you this food, to turn on you and destroy you   Women 4


We will find a way, professor. We always have. Driven by the unshakable faith the earth is ours. Not just ours, no. But it is our home  Cooper and Prof Brand


We’re not meant to save the world. We’re meant to leave it  –  Prof Brand


Don’t trust the right thing done for the wrong reason. The why of the thing, that’s the foundation.  –  Donald


This world’s a treasure Donald, but it’s been telling us to leave for a while now  –  Cooper


Mankind was born on Earth; it was never meant to die here  –  Cooper 


“They” are beings of 5 Dimensions. To them. Time might be another physical dimension. To them, the past might be a canyon that they can climb into and the future maybe a mountain they can climb up.  Dr Amelia Brand


Evolution has yet to transcend that simple barrier. We can care deeply selflessly about those we know, but that empathy rarely extends beyond our line of sight  –  Dr Mann


A machine doesn’t improvise well because you can’t program a feat of death.  –  Dr Mann 


Our survival instinct is our single greatest source of inspiration  –  Dr Mann


This is not about my life or Cooper’s life, this is about all mankind  Dr Mann


Newton’s third law. The only way humans have ever figured out of getting somewhere is to leave something behind.  –  TARS


Cooper, people couldn't build this  Tars

No. not yet. But one day Not you and me. But people. A civilization that’s evolved past the four dimensions we know  –  Cooper