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Movie Reviews

how mother symbolizes human nature

Mother! : How Cinema, as an art, truly reflects the society

Hitting the benchmark of surrealist cinema, Darren Aronofsky’s movie Mother! is among the most bizarre films one must have come

the Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections – What does it depict about our lives?

Matrix Resurrections released on 22nd Dec 2021, and on HBO max, did okay on the box office. This movie has

12 Angry Men movie

12 Angry Men Movie – The Value of Human Life

“One man is dead. Another man’s life is at stake. If there’s reasonable doubt in your minds as to the

Watch Horror Films

5 Haunted Films without a Haunted House

How often do you watch horror films in which a happy family gets itself into a new home in some

Apur Panchali

Apur Panchali – Journey of a lost actor…

“You may leave Cinema and move on but sometimes Cinema doesn’t leave you.” – Kaushik Ganguly Aloof from the crowd

Book Reviews

Dawn of- Freedom A book by Niranjan Tasneem

Dawn of Freedom – A book by Niranjan Tasneem

Noon was at its peak at that time. The sun of Independence Day was shining bright in all majesty. But


breaking bad walter white review

Breaking Bad: Walter White’s fusion to Heisenberg

Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad, the most talked-about show, portrays the drug dealing business most uniquely. What starts as a necessity

best Dialogues from spiderman no way home

Best Dialogues from Spider-Man No way home

Here are the best dialogues from Spiderman No way Home. It is one of the best Spiderman movies to date.

best quotes from Tom Holland Spiderman

Best Dialogues from Tom Holland Spider-Man movie

Tom Holland played as the third reboot for spiderman movies. This reboot was done under MCU, and this time they

best dialogues from amazing Spiderman movie

Best Dialogues from The Amazing Spiderman movies

The Amazing Spiderman movie was directed by Marc Webb. There was 2 part to this movie. It was released in

best dialogues from Sam Raimi Spiderman trilogy

Best Dialogues from Sam Raimi Spiderman Trilogy

Sam Raimi spiderman trilogy, is my favourite Spiderman movie series. Tobey Maguire has played the perfect peter parker and Spiderman

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