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Movie Reviews

Watch Horror Films

5 Haunted Films without a Haunted House

How often do you watch horror films in which a happy family gets itself into a new home in some

Apur Panchali

Apur Panchali – Journey of a lost actor…

“You may leave Cinema and move on but sometimes Cinema doesn’t leave you.” – Kaushik Ganguly Aloof from the crowd

halloween bhooter bhobisoyat

Bhooter Bhabishyat – The future of the past

“…Kolkatar purono badi gulo demolish hobaye shomoshyay podeche Kolkatar bhoot.” What is it that first comes to your mind when

story of mandi parallel cinema

Mandi Movie, Revisiting the era of parallel cinema

“Kati patang ki tarah zindagi hoti hai hum aurato ki; hawa ke thapede najane kaha la ke patak dete hai.”

Book Reviews

Dawn of- Freedom A book by Niranjan Tasneem

Dawn of Freedom – A book by Niranjan Tasneem

Noon was at its peak at that time. The sun of Independence Day was shining bright in all majesty. But


the family man season two dialogues

Best dialogues of the family man season 2 web series

We all loved Family man season 1, and we waited for season 2 for a long time. Finally, it was

family man season 1 dialogues

Best dialogues of the family man season1 web series

The family man is one of the best web series in India, a mix of Action & Comedy. The best

entrepreneur quotes

27 entrepreneur quotes which will inspire you to become an entrepreneur

We all love to read quotes from our favorite entrepreneurs. These influential entrepreneurs quote have a strong impact on other

Inspirational Hollywood Movie Quotes

31 Inspirational Hollywood Movie Quotes that will inspire you

We watch movies that we like, also we watch movies which are suggested by someone. These movies teach us a

dark series quotes

46 Mind-Bending Quotes from your Favourite Netflix series Dark

Season 3 Quotes Also read this amazing Hollywood movie quotes

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