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  • This is an opportunity for everyone to discover their writing skills.
  • Thereviewstories is coming up with this contest for all the writers or non-writers who loves to read and write.
  • Fill up the form to join the contest
  • We will provide you with the topic and keywords.
  • The topic will be related to Travel, Courses, Gaming, hosting, Insurance, virtual reality and Fashion & Food.
  • All the selected article will be published on our website, with your name.
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  • Best article will be promoted
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  • Give H1(Title) with focus Keyword
  • Give H2 (Subheading) after every 300 words (Proper subheading Distribution’s)
  • Passive voice: Not more than 10% (use active voice)
  • Do not Consist of more than 20 words in a sentence (cut into 2 or maybe 3 sentences)
  • Do not use Consecutive sentences
  • Use focus keyword in First and last paragraph
  • Do not go for Lengthy Paragraph
  • Keyword density should be 1%-2% per 100 words
  • Cover all targeted keywords through-out content
  • Try to use Easy language for improving readabilityUnderline/Highlight keywords
  • Transition smoothly from one idea to the next, and don’t jump back and forth between thoughts.
  • Don’t assume that the reader knows everything. Clearly explain or identify anything that may not be common knowledge.
  • Attribute all quotes and sources and always identify the speaker properly.
  • Meta Description: should contain Focus keyword and Secondary keywords, 150 character’s
  • Please don’t add a link in the first few paragraphs, try to add to the bottom
  • The minimum word count is 1000+ words, there is no maximum limit.
  • Language of the article “English

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    Start Date: 3 Nov 2020

    End Date: 4 Nov 2020

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