Hello guys today I am going to give you some details about the four safety features abs&ebd&esp&tcs for a car which will avoid accident happening at all, which are not standard in indian cars.

ABS(Anti-Lock Braking System)
As the name says it avoids the wheels to lock while applying brake. It avoids skidding of wheels and helps the automobile to stay on the track.

EBD(Electronic Brakeforce distribution) It is always paired with ABS.

ESP or ESC(Electronic Stability Program or Electronic Stability Control) a computerized technology that improves a vehicle’s stability by detecting and reducing loss of traction (skidding).

This three are the most important safety features for a car, of course there is Airbags and stability control, but with these three working in your car the chances of an accident reduces.

TCS(Traction control system) is a part of ESP, it prevents loss of traction on bad road condition.

Safety Features in detail

ABS : It is most helpful on slippery roads where you have less grip, if control is lost ABS will come to play and it will keep your car straight and it will avoid skidding of your tyres, locking of wheels and gives the driver control over the streeing. And it will also reduce your stopping distance, however in snow covered area it will increase the stopping distance, but will keep the car straight line. Though it works when you apply emergency brakes only.

Courtsey YouTube channel: Mazda Australia

EBD : EBD can apply more or less braking pressure to each wheel in order to maximize stopping power whilst maintaining vehicular control. It also locks the brake if the load among the tires are not even. When a car has EBD it reduces the brakeforce to the tyre with less load to avoid skidding and locking of that wheel. EBD senses which tyre has more load compared to others to give brakeforce accordingly.

Courtsey youtube channel: Mazda Australia

ESP : It improves the stability at dangerous stituation. If tyres lose control and you tend to steer more and lose control ESP comes to play and avoid extra steering and applies brakes to keep the car in drivers intended path. It is mostly to help you in a turn cause ABS and EBD will help you in straight line but not efficient on turns. It first cuts power and applies individual brakes to give the driver full control and void slide, it reacts better than any human ever could.

TCS : It is a part of ESP. It works where you need grip to climb a slippery hill and it cannot be done with TCS off. When the road conditions aren’t good enough for proper traction and the wheels start slipping, the TCS senses the wheel slip and reduces engine power or applies brakes to stop it. If you have Traction control on your car you can have proper grip to accelerate in any condition.

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