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Why I started this

Hello everyone, I started the review stories because I was interested in sharing my passion for cars by writing about them, but most of my interest was only in writing and knowing about cars. I am a website developer and digital marketer, and with 5+ years of experience I grew my knowledge about this field quickly, and so I decided why not share what I learned with you people.

I always wanted to write but did not have any platform, where I could just write and people will read. Most of the website needed a qualified and professional writer, and I was not one of them. Honestly, I was fond of writing online not offline. As I have mentioned before I am a website developer, so decided to create a website thereviewstories and start writing. That is what exactly I did. Just invested for domain thereviewstories and hosting with a friend and started writing.

I wrote articles for nearly 1 year with very less recognition but didn’t give up. I didn’t have any support in writing it was just me. But little after 1 year I started receiving emails for backlinks, which gave me positive vibes to continue this. Soon after that I also started receiving guest writers request. Not only that I received money for a few articles that are published on thereviewstories. I promoted those articles. This was the ultimate boost for me. Then I decided to take this to the next level and started investing money in ads, to get more users. Asked a friend to join me to get the work distributed. He agreed and now we are eagerly working to makes this an ultimate platform to share information of all the topics.

Topics I share in The review stories

As I was learning and working as a website developer I started posting about the latest technologies in website development. I had no help so learned about digital marketing and started implementing it on thereviewstories so also shared articles about digital marketing and its strategies. But that was not it, I love to know what ISRO, Nasa and SpaceX do, so I started posting updates whenever an awesome rocket would be launched by one of these companies.

But my quest did not stop, during my MBA and also prior to it, I use to invest in stock markets and I am still doing it, so I also shared tips and details about the stock market and also little about finance like what is GST, and highlights of Budget etc. Though latest updates about financial topics are not shared, because I got busy with other work, but will start sharing asap.

How my The review stories community grew

During my journey, I found some good guest writers for my blog, who joined me and shared articles on business, startups, marketing and technology, I also did share a few articles on these topics.

Seeing this some of my friends said that you spreading your niche too much, but I am not concentrating on a niche, I just want to provide information on thereviewstories to you people on all topics that I can cover. I started alone now I have 7 writers who contribute to my website. With 75+ guest writers who have contributed. And I will not stop for any reason, I will keep on posting articles from a different niche so that my readers get all the information at one stop.

You can join me and write an article on my website if you wish to about the topic you would like. Please go to contact and drop me an email I will contact you or just drop a mail to contact@thereviewstories.com.

The Team

Girish Margam

Founder and Developer

Kabir Pulami

Kabir Pulami

Partner & Digital Marketer

We have a few editors who help us edit the articles.

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