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Sunday, February 17, 2019
Seven Islands of Mumbai

Seven Islands of Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the most famous city in the world, which was earlier called Bombay. It was renamed to Mumbai on March 1996....
40 facts

40 Facts that you probably didn’t know

Hello guys today I will give you 40 facts that you might not have heard before. I found these facts on the internet will...

YOYO Test in Cricket

What is Yo-Yo Test? A YOYO test involves a player shuttling between two cones that are set 20 metres apart on flat ground. He starts...
Tom Tanks

Google type errors that led to awesome results

Hello Guys today is will show some hilarious results from google is you misspelled some characters. These google type errors are hilarious. Searched Tom Tanks...
Amazing fact of india

Amazing facts of India

I found out some nice facts about our country. I would like to share this with you people. Amazing facts about India Around a 100 million...

Inventions and Discoveries By India

Hello Guys I searched for invention around the world and found out that India has done some good invention that we all should know...
Popular Cities in world that shares name with Indian cities

Popular Cities in world that shares name with Indian cities

Hello Guys I found out that some cities around the world have similar name to that of Indian Cities. It is strange to think...
venture capital

All about Venture Capital(VC)

Hello Guys I am going to give you some information about Venture Capital which is an important factor for new startups. Venture means taking...
crafts paper

Crafts Paper

Hello Friends some information on crafts paper. A little time and attention is all a paper art needs. Paper, one of the most familiar, inexpensive...