How to Pick the Right P & N Hole saws

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P & N hole saws are cutting devices with circular or ring-shaped saw tooth blades which help cut a hole on a surface or a workpiece material. It is also referred to as a hole cutter and is accompanied with a drill bit to maintain a proper direction of cut.

As it reduces the amount of material being cut, a hole can be cut out using less power and time, which proves to be very advantageous in the manufacturing industry.

What p & N hole saws consist of

Before choosing the right parts, one must understand what it is made of. P & N holesaws consist of

  • A metal cylinder which is placed on the arbor.
  • The cutting edge which can be either saw tooth or an industrial diamond fixed on the cylinder.
  • And a guiding drill bit to ensure the cutting is performed in the intended direction.
P & N Hole saw

Based on the surface that needs to be cut, the material used for the operation might change.

  • Materials like metal, soft plastic, wood and plaster are often cut with saw tooth cutters.
  • Diamond cutters are used for much harder materials like concrete, brick, glass and stone.

P & Holesaws provide a variety of cutters that comes in handy when using a hole-saw. Choosing the right material for the saw is essential based on the material one is going cut. The wrong choice of the saw can often leave both the saw and the material in a damaged state which could lead to unwanted losses.

Once the material being used is known, it is fairly easy to figure out the attachment needed to finish the operation.

Tiles and Concrete

  • Tiles are a major part of most of the floors and heavily used in bathrooms and kitchen. Concrete is the primary building block of construction. For such sturdy materials including brick, glass and stone, one should opt for a P & N Holesaw accompanied with an industrial diamond tip.
  • It is also crucial that you arrange a proper water cooling mechanism to avoid causing damage to the diamond tool as excessive heat is generated when working with hard surfaces.
  • A damaged or blunt tool will lead to unsatisfactory drilling performance. However, there are diamond tools which are designed for both wet and dry operation.

Thick Steel

  • Wear is a common occurrence when working with steel surfaces, and continued use can leave on with a damaged tool.
  • The carbide tip is specially designed for operations that involve cutting thick steel surfaces.
  • Accompanied by a P & N hole saw, this tip can cut through the steel of up to 25mm thickness.
  • The operation occurs at high speeds of rotation to prevent wear.

Composite materials

  • The materials like composite wood and fibreboard can cause unpleasant fumes that are harmful.
  • A heavy cutting operation can cause excessive heat in the saw and melt the composite glue.
  • A tungsten carbide tip with a P & N hole saw provides a faster rate of cutting speed which is five times faster than the other operations.
  • This ensures less heat and time consumption to finish the operation.

Enlargement process

Apart from the materials, sometimes specific operations like an enlargement process require specific toolsets attached on a P & N hole saw.

  • Operations which require to enlarge a pre-existing hole need a special hole enlargement arbor.
  • An additional hole saw for the cutting operation is used, and the arbor acts as a pilot to guide the
  • process.
  • Both these tools placed on a P & N hole saw ensure a clean operation in a single flow.

Finishing it up: Hole-saws are an integral part of the construction industry and come in handy in a multitude of environments. It is essential, however, that one makes the right choice of tool selection to perform the required operation easily and to ensure a clean and quality finish to the surface.

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