Why Do Developers Choose Reactjs Over Any Other Frameworks?

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Mobile app development technologies are constantly evolving, and that has become overwhelming for app developers as they have a variety of options to choose from. , It’s very challenging for app owners to pick one when multiple alternative frameworks and libraries are available. And when it comes to front-end development, all the ifs and buts go sideways because all that comes to our minds is: ReactJS for mobile and web app development. This is one of the preferable front-end development frameworks the developer community loves to use. 

ReactJS was built by Jordan Walke, who used to work for Facebook. This open-source library is used to create UI for one-scroll page apps. ReactJS mainly aims to offer the best possible features and functionality. 

This blog explains the main features of ReactJS and its advantages that prove its reliability for web app development. Eventually, you will understand why this Framework is an ideal solution for your upcoming project. 

Introduction to ReactJS

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One of the JavaScript library Which is developed & maintained by Facebook. This open-source JS library is popular for designing dynamic and super-responsive user interfaces. ReactJS comes up as an efficient solution for building a quick and scalable front-end for mobile & web apps. 

It mainly focuses on developing user-engaging and attractive apps. And this open-source Framework requires minimum coding on the app developer’s part and renders the best performance. 

Today, more than 200k live websites are using React framework. Moreover, big companies such as PayPal, Apple, Netflix, etc., have already begun using ReactJS in their operations. Hence, with several popular companies using ReactJS, there must be something special that this JavaScript framework must offer, isn’t it?

ReactJS is your safest option for mobile app and web app development when you are looking for user-friendly and highly compelling features that offer developers’ a huge number of possibilities for innovation.

Key Features & Benefits of ReactJS for your Next Project

1. JavaScript XML (JSX)

This is one of the best things that ReactJS offers. This helps developers to make React components similar to HTML that will be used in the website. This eases the process of building blocks and gives developers an easy pass.

2. Fast Debugging

This open-source JS library renders endless advantages. It shows developers a great procedure for quickly debugging UI errors and gives information about the bugs causing them.

3. Quick Rendering

Building a super-loaded app can have a huge impact on the app’s overall performance. The tiniest changes can also create chaos in the interface; however, the creators of Facebook solved this by launching virtual DOM. Virtual DOM ensures reduced time consumption, high app performance & incredible user experience. 

4. Solid Developer Community

React offers a strong support community, which is one of the reasons why you should opt for this library. Each day, a lot of React developers are contributing to making this an improved front-end framework. ReactJS has received 182k stars on Github and nearly 1500 contributors. (https://github.com/facebook/react). 

5. SEO-Favorable Framework

SEO is a top priority for businesses nowadays, as it is an entry point to success. As per studies, the lesser the loading time, the quicker the rendering speed, and the better your business will rank on search engines. React facilitates reduced page load time and improves speed so that users don’t have to wait for the page to load since it is a major downside. 

React renders smooth SEO integration, and it has proven significantly effective for SEO ranking on Google search engines. What can be better than this for any business’s growth?

6. Feature-Rich 

This open-source library comprises a rich toolkit such as Redux, Flux, Nodejs, and more. Redux reduces and eases the management of components in big and complex apps, which is why it is one of the best React benefits. 

Moreover, you should know that Node.js is about taking your app performance to another level. Thanks to Facebook, Reactjs now has tools like Chrome and React tools. 

7. Code Stability

This is one of the primary reasons for using Reactjs, as it facilitates developers to reuse the codes and create component modules to allow developers to conduct unit tests ensuring no system crashes in the future. 

And when we talk about stability here, it means that any change will be easy to adopt and not that there won’t be any advancements in the system. It just means there will be a better way to switch from the old to the new version. 

Popular Apps Built with Reactjs

1. Netflix

Netflix, one of the top OTT platforms, also leveraged the benefits of Reactjs. This popular streaming platform didn’t exactly have great runtime performance on several devices a while back. However, Reactjs solved this issue with its magic wand. (Just kidding!) Reactjs’ feature-rich ecosystem improved the performance and speed, and scalability. 

2. UberEats

Well, for other ordering from UberEats- Did you know that all your ordering ease is the result of Reactjs? The developers at UberEats used this Framework to develop a dashboard accessible via tablets and smartphones. Reactjs helped them craft features that allow users to create a new order, accept, and execute. 

3. Airbnb

The developers of Airbnb used Reactjs to develop the web app’s front end. When Facebook came out with React Native in 2016, Airbnb viewed this as a great way to build their mobile apps using this Framework. Because of the frequent updates, it makes Airbnb leverages this Framework to accelerate the development of its mobile apps.

4. WhatsApp

After Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp also used React to enhance its functionality. WhatsApp is one of the most popular chatting apps to chat with many users for business or personal use. WhatsApp uses this Framework to render the top level of UX. 

5. Skyscanner

In 2019, Skyscanner escalated its design system to release a new brand. Skyscanner’s app developers decided to develop their design system called Backpack. They desired to create an entirely new design that was flawless; hence, they decided to use Reactjs. Today, their latest design system renders an incredible UI and UX.

How React Framework Can Help You Save Development Cost

React Native has been in existence since 2015; however, Facebook introduced its new tool to reduce app development costs. Facebook launched React Native with Reactjs, which is the core of React Native framework. Whether the app developer wants to build a mobile app or a web app, they can use the massive library to customise the app’s look & feel and deliver a native UX. 

The next best thing about this Framework is that app development companies can use it to build efficient, simple, and quick apps for several platforms and OS by using the JavaScript codebase. 

Some top features that make React most suitable and affordable for all app types are as follows:

  • Reactjs is a cross-platform front-end library with a code reusability feature.
  • React Native is the most popular and fastest-growing programming language. 
  • App developers can save time by easily upgrading React Native applications without downloading them. 
  • This Framework helps app developers save ample time in development by making fast changes in the code in real-time without downloading the file. 

Final Words

We’ve finally come to the conclusion of this blog. Hopefully, now you have realised how fruitful it is to adopt Reactjs over any other framework. All you need is the top Reactjs development company with adequate experience and skills to make your mobile app dream come true. I Hope Reactjs will be your next choice for web and mobile app development.

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Jamie Waltz Is Senior Mobile App Developer at IndianAppDevelopers top mobile app development company come up with the necessary mobility solutions for startups and big brands. Juned considered himself a tech expert as he often writes and shares articles and research papers on mobile app technologies.
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Jamie Waltz Is Senior Mobile App Developer at IndianAppDevelopers top mobile app development company come up with the necessary mobility solutions for startups and big brands. Juned considered himself a tech expert as he often writes and shares articles and research papers on mobile app technologies.

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