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Even when you’ve been to more job interviews than you can count, the entire process doesn’t seem to get any easier. Every time you do it, you have to meet new people, present your skills in a different way and show that you meet all kinds of requirements. With all that going on, how exactly do you nail a job interview? Here are five tips that’ll help you impress your next job interviewer and get that gig you’ve been after for so long.

Practice and prepare

job interview

As Benjamin Franklin said, by failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail. This rule applies to job interviews as well and doing a bit of preparation is a must if you plan to nail your next job interview. Find a list of the most common questions job interviewers ask and come up with an answer for each of them. There’s no need to learn everything by heart but having an idea of what you want to say can sometimes mean the difference between getting the job and being rejected. Another good idea is to come up with a list of questions you want to ask. It demonstrates your interest in the organization and helps you determine whether the job is right for you or not.

Be on time

You probably already know that first impressions are important in the business world and there’s nothing worse than being late to your job interview. You want to use this opportunity to show that you’re punctual and that you take your career seriously. Just have in mind that when it comes to job interviews, being on time means being early. If you’re driving to the location, take local traffic patterns into account and give yourself enough time to find the address. Another good idea is to allow yourself a couple of minutes to visit the restroom, check your nerves and mentally prepare for the interview. In case you’re taking a cab, make sure you start looking for one as early as you can.

Find the right outfit

Before you even say a word, you’ve already made an impression on the interviewer based on how you’re dressed. No matter what kind of job you’re applying for, it’s critical to opt for the right attire and impress the interviewer. Business casual is the most common attire while some jobs like a bank teller and lawyer require a more formal outfit. When it comes to business casual, there are plenty of ways for men to channel the James Bond in them and pull of a business casual suit. For women, an elegant blouse or a blazer combined with dress pants or a knee-length skirt is something you just can’t go wrong with. To complete your look, browse trendy women’s accessories online and get minimalist earrings or a discreet necklace.

Stay calm

This one’s a lot easier said than done but it’s something you need to have in mind for your next job interview. It’s common for people to get nervous when being interviewed for a job and the interviewer is already familiar with that. Still, staying calm is the best way to present yourself in the best way possible and get the gig. Pay attention to your body language and try to maintain eye contact with the interviewer, no matter how difficult you find it to be. Also, listen to every question using active listening and take a few seconds to come up with your answers. Being silent is much better than answering with multiple “ums”.

Close on a positive note


If a salesman knocked on your door, demonstrated their product and thanked you for your time, they didn’t get everything right – they forgot to sell their product. Use this as an example for, why you should try to close your interview on a positive note. Instead of just thanking the interviewer for their time, tell them that you really want the job and how excited about it you are. This is mostly because there’s a chance there will be more interviewees who meet all the requirements and the interviewer might offer the job to you as they’ll find you more likely to take it.

Nailing a job interview isn’t as easy as it sometimes seems. Follow these five tips and you’ll be in a great shape to pass your next interview and get that perfect job. Get everything right and you might even be able to beat candidates with more experience and more impressive resumes.


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