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First time ever a rover has been landed on the far side of the moon. It is a big thing for those who are interested in finding what is really there on the dark side of the moon, the side we never see from earth.

China has launched Chang’e 4 from southwest China in early December and landed at 10:26 a.m. Beijing time on Wednesday. It is landed on Von Karman crater, the largest known impact crater in the solar system. This lander has a rover named Yutu for exploration of the surface.

FAR SIDE of the Moon

Far side of the moon is filled with craters as it protects us from lot of meteors. A direct radio contact is not possible on this side of moon; hence a quandary China’s relay satellite is used for communication. Predecessor Chang’e 3 for landed on the near side of the lunar surface.

Various pictures have been released by the camera on board. The surface looked red in color. This is surprising because all the photos till date showed white color surface. It is because of the light reflected from the lander.

china change-4
First image after landing
china change-4
Rover heading towards the crater

Mission for Chang’e 4

There are various speculation of alien bases on the dark side, this mission by china should clear things up. This mission will help us understand more about the moon and its formation. It is also going to search for water under the surface which will help in future colonization. Also for setting a base for further exploration of the solar system.

Overall it is big achievement by china and a huge advancement for the space exploration. This clearly puts china ahead of all the space agency in terms of science and technology and they are planning a manned mission by 2020 to moon.

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