Great news for us, a new discovery on mars. NASA’s curiosity rover has found organic matter preserved on mars. This could be a discovery suggesting their was once life on mars. Launched in Nov 2011 Curiosity rover has found organic molecules and methane on Mars.

This discovery is definitely going to help the future mission in finding life on mars in a better way.

What did NASA discover?

These molecules represent that Mars has been far more alive than we ever knew. While still it is unclear to say that whether their was once alien life present on the planet, or whether the life exist as we discuss or the findings could be result of ancient life there. Though it is not certain that these finding result in existence of life.

Another finding of methane in Mars, lead to the same question of presence of life on Mars. On Earth, biological sources generate methane. And finding methane yesterday on Mars means their could be some form of life currently on Mars. There is a season cycle to the methane in Mars, it comes out of surface and goes in during this process the curiosity rover has discovered the methane.

As for sometime now Nasa is saying they have found river beds, which indicates that their could had been liquid water in the past. Also the ice formation on the poles indicate towards it.

The Curiosity rover has headed to an area that was thought to once have been a large lake of that water, inside Gale Crater. It was inside that hole where scientists found the new findings. Scientist also say they only dug few cm to find the organic molecules. So it is not possible that those molecules could have been their for 3 billion years. And also when we will have the capability to dig more just imagine the things we will discover under the surface.

Here is the interview from CNN YouTube channel

This is an exciting moment for all of us. Finding some sort of life outside our planet is really a next step to human evolution. I had no evidence till today that supported my belief that there is life outside our planet.

There could be life in every planet every moon in our solar system and in other solar system, Because we only know that life can exist where there is water and oxygen, but why can’t it be like some form of life can live in extreme heat or cold temperature, it could be microorganism or anything else, why don’t we search life with that perspective. We could find more than what we are finding now.

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