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What should we do for on page for quick ranking of websites or blogs on search engines?

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Every webmasters want to rank their new blogs and posts as quick as possible. Hence we need to do some unique things that can make us different yet serve the purpose of search intent. There are three types of search intent. It could be classified into Know, DO or Go. Know means users want to know something and that is why they type search query. They might also want to know the process of accomplishing certain task or how to do certain activity. They might also look for places or want to go to shops nearby.

Until and unless we understand the search intent properly we cannot prepare good creating content writing. So here's awesome tip for creative content writing. Use active voice, transition words, and be innovative. Answer all possible questions that comes in mind of people. In this way it ranks higher with fewer backlinks.

Writing and publishing Content that answers all questions of solve the purpose of search intent of users is the best way to rank the website without making huge number of backlinks.

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Well, It is not easy that as you spell it with ease as it really takes hard work and determination behind it. One of the things you need to make right to rank your site are as below:

1. Improve your page loading speed

2. Produce high quality content

3. Optimize your images

4. Break up your content with header tags

5. Start blogging

6. Use outbound links

7. Add more than text

8. Make sure your site is readable

9. Fix any broken links

10. Optimize your site for mobile devices, and more... 

I would recommend to enroll yourself to digital marketing course in vadodara or online as Search engine optimization isn’t just a fad that’s going to phase out soon. It’s something your website needs to concentrate on right now and in the future as well.



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These are the ones which you can consider in On-page SEO
1) Usage of Active voice
2) Usage of sub headings
3) H1 tag usage
4) No duplication of H1 tag
5) Meta title
6) Meta description
7) Indexing of pages
8) Using Image Alt tags
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