7 Tips on How to Write an Epic Product Description

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You’ve got your killer product, and now you need to draw in customers with some fantastic copy, correct? For many startups, having unique product descriptions is the biggest problem. Yes, I know that marketing rocks and technical stuff are cool, but let’s face it: no matter how techy you are, it is not easy to write unique & epic product descriptions as one might think.

Marketers are busy, and developers want to work on the next piece of tech, so it often falls to the business owner or boss to try and figure out how to get this epic copy done.

There are so many reasons why you should have a great product description. Your product descriptions can make a huge impact on your customer’s decision to buy.

One of the most vital and important aspects of an Ecommerce business is having a product description that sells. If you have epic product descriptions, it can bring in more sales. 

One of the mistakes new eCommerce businesses make is not paying enough attention to their product descriptions on their store and not seeing any results. It’s important that every business owner spends time on generating a product description that works for their brand and finds success.

You need to write a product description that’s worthy of the product itself. And you don’t want to miss out on sales, right? Then this article is for you. Here are seven tips on how to write an epic product description and sell more products.

1. Write Unique Product Descriptions

If you are an online seller, one of the most important things you must do to increase your sales is to write unique & epic product descriptions for your goods. These product descriptions need to be so good that it makes people want to buy your product.

People are bombarded with thousands of advertisements and marketing messages on a daily basis. In order to have any effect on them, you need a product description that stands out from the crowd. A good product description should have the following characteristics:

  • It should be well written.
  • It should be interesting to read.
  • Make sure it gives the reader a reason to buy your product.
  • It must be useful for the reader.
  • Should not be too long.
  • It must address your target audience’s needs and concerns.

Description length, price, and images are considered by Google to be the top three factors when determining search rankings.

Write a Unique Product Descriptions

The average eCommerce product description is about 200 words long. Most of the biggest retailers have longer product descriptions, but it’s not a good practice to have super long descriptions. Keep them concise to avoid losing customers’ interest.

Taking care of the word count is important so that you can keep all the product descriptions consistent and of the same weight. A free character counter lets you know exactly how many words or characters you have written. You can use it to make sure you don’t write beyond specific limits.

how to write unique product descriptions

Price is the second most important factor for driving sales, so make sure your price is clearly visible in your description. Place it towards the beginning of your description since many people don’t read entire posts in addition to the price, including information about shipping costs and delivery dates in your description. This will give customers an idea of how much they are going to spend when ordering from you.

Many retailers mention price before the product description, which is even better. If you have a separate section to talk about the price, then you don’t have to include price information in the description.

Images are very important in driving sales. If possible, include at least one image per product and make sure they’re high-definition and look professional. Use tools such as Canva to create image banners for your website and social media posts that are effective and engaging.

Description plays an enormous role in helping shoppers make decisions. Most of the users choose a product based on product description. That’s why it’s important to invest time into writing unique product descriptions that work effectively.

2. Write an Easy to Read Product Description

Easy to read product descriptions can help you sell more. They can play a critical role in boosting your total number of sales. However, it would be best to make sure that the product descriptions you write are easy to read, even for a layperson.

Here are some tips for writing easy-to-read product descriptions:  

  • Use short sentences. Each sentence should only have a few different points, don’t swamp your readers with information. 
  • Use the active voice and simple language. Active voice means using words like “will,” “can,” and “helps.” These words grab people’s attention and make it easier for them to understand what you’re saying. 
  • Add bulleted lists if your description is getting too long or if you want to add emphasis on certain points. Bulleted lists make it easier for people to read through your description without getting confused.
  • It’s better to only include features you think are most relevant at the beginning and leave the rest for the latter part.

3. Write SEO Friendly Product Descriptions

Writing SEO-friendly product descriptions is crucial for any online business. Writing good product descriptions can determine whether or not you succeed or fail online. Don’t forget that this is the first impression that your customers get of your business and the products you sell, so it must be perfect.

Keep keywords in mind while writing SEO-friendly product descriptions. Keywords are the best way to get your product noticed in search results, so include them whenever possible. You may already know which keywords to use, or you can use a keyword suggestion tool, such as Google’s keyword planner tool, which allows you to search for related keywords.

The keywords must be placed at the beginning of the description because search engines give more importance to keywords that are closer to the beginning of the content. The length of the keyword also matters a lot. Keywords in title tags and URLs are given more value than those mentioned in meta tags or body content. Lengthy keywords are given better consideration than shorter ones.

4. Mention all Features of the Product

Mention all features of the product in your product description to increase sales. Features can make a product unique and different from others. The more unique the product is, the more it will be liked by the customers. 

One of the most common mistakes people make when writing product descriptions is not mentioning all the features of the product. People don’t like surprises, and they want to know what they’re going to get before they buy it.

Treat your potential customer like you would a friend: tell them exactly what your product is, how it’s different from other products, and what kind of results it can give them. Tell them about its features, benefits, specifications, and price.

If you are selling a product that is related to another one that you have, be sure to mention that in the description. For example, if you are selling a laptop computer, then it is advisable that you include a link to your desktop computer in the laptop’s description.

5. Tell a Story

Make your product descriptions more engaging by telling a story. Telling a story is one of the best ways to entice your customers into making a purchase. Your product descriptions should always be written with care and never be boring. 

You want your customer to feel as if they are reading a short story about their new purchase. Give them enough details so that they know exactly what the product does but keep it simple enough for them to get an idea of how it works.

Maybe you are selling an exercise machine, and you want to give your customers an idea of how easy it is to use, explain how it will help their overall health, and even include other things that people may need, such as workout videos or specific diet plans. 

This way, your customer will be able to have an idea of what they are going to get from their purchase and decide on whether or not this is something that would be beneficial for them.

Telling a story helps connect people with your brand on an emotional level. It’s easier to sell products when potential customers imagine themselves using those products.

6. Proofread and Check it for Errors

This is an important thing that you should not overlook at any cost. If a product description goes live with glitches or typos, it can destroy the image of your brand. Users won’t pay attention to a description that is full of mistakes.

You can check your product description for errors by using websites like Grammarly or Hemingway app. Both of these tools do a really good job of highlighting potential spelling and grammatical errors.

7. Describe Different Aspects of the Product

Epic product descriptions should describe the important aspects of your product. No important details should remain hidden from customers. The more you tell about the product, the more you are likely to convince buyers.

Figure out how your product is going to benefit customers and then describe all those situations. Also, it is crucial that you do not exaggerate at all. One of the best ways to talk about the product you are offering is using the FAB approach. This includes writing features, actions, and benefits. 

First, you discuss the features, and then tell customers how does the product act, and at the end, you list its benefits. Product descriptions written using this approach are likely to get better conversions.

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David Stokes is a well-known writer and has been writing for tech, education, digital marketing brands to make them surgeon google search results. He is a regular contributor to technologyletter.com. builtin.com, word-counter.io, and many other highly reputable platforms.
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David Stokes is a well-known writer and has been writing for tech, education, digital marketing brands to make them surgeon google search results. He is a regular contributor to technologyletter.com. builtin.com, word-counter.io, and many other highly reputable platforms.

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