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For small businesses, every action is important for increasing the business’ revenues, and driving more customers to the shop. Having a great office signage is important because it increases the awareness about the business and tells people about where it is located. If you own or operate a small business, and are considering the design and installation of office signage, then the following tips will come in handy:

Building Branding Assets

The first step is to create unique and immediately recognizable branding assets for marketing your small business. This includes having a proper logo, colour scheme, custom fonts, slogans, taglines, and many more that are unique to your business only.

A normal font won’t do. Choose a font that is striking and that people will relate to your brand. Also, don’t fail to choose a logo. Any office signage for your small business should have two to three branding assets. The location should be recognizable, the logo should be clear and upfront, and the colour schemes in place, so that people can easily identify your business.

Think About the Target Audience

When developing content for your office signage, avoid getting too technical or using too many industry-related jargons, as confounding language can put off your audience. Use a broad, easy-to-understand language, and more common references. The language you use must appeal to the target audience, in a way that they get driven to inquire about your business and find out more about your services or products.

Sign’s Placement

The office signage needs to be placed in a location where it will be easily visible to the audience. It should not be too far from the actual business spot. You want the sign to drive more customers to your store, and not drive them away by confusing them. It should be clear from the signage where your business is located. The signage should have an unobstructed view, clear from interference by trees, power lines, other objects, buildings, and other signs.


You must gather information about the budget available and then plan the office signage. This way, you will be able to create a plan for the materials and alternatives that are possible with your budget constraints.


Signage with contrast attracts and retains your customers’ attention. This improves the readability of your sign. To create signage that is readable contrast has to be considered. Not having a proper signage means missing out on business.

Even in the digital age, physical signage has retained its importance. While there are numbers of digital, electronic and internet-based options available. Physical signage, when done well, has the power to get people talking about your product or services. It can generate curiosity, novelty, and becoming a quick talking point amongst people.

Physical signage provides visible reinforcement to your clients, and other potential ones that they are working with a strong, and reputed brand. Good physical signage communicates consistent brand value. Though it is difficult to quantify the value of the signage for your small business, it is clearly something that shouldn’t be given a miss. A combination of digital and physical signage makes the right marketing mix. Physical signage tends to improve brand recall, reputation and trust in the business that you do.

A study conducted by FedEx in the US said that 64% of new-age small business owners in the surveyed sample trust signage as a good marketing ploy to get people talking about your business. According to another study 35% people in the surveyed sample said that they came to know of a business by reading a signage.



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