Hello guys I am here to tell you about transmission in cars,which is the basic module of an automobile. Transmission is a machine in powertrain mechanism which transmits the power developed by engine to the axle. The transmission is used to reduce the revolutions of the crankshaft down to a reasonable value by using interlocking gears. By doing so, it makes more effective usage of the engine’s torque and helps to keep the engine operating at an appropriate speed.

Nowadays there are different types of transmission but the first was the manual transmission

1)Manual Transmission

This is the basic Transmission type it used manual clutch and the driver has to change gear and engage the gear ratios. Without clutch it is impossible to change gear when engine is running cause the crank is rotating continuously, the clutch is a coupling device that is used to separate the engine and transmission which allows to change gear. It is easy to use just press the clutch pedal and shift the gear, it could be difficult for new drivers to manage the clutch and drive in real life conditions, but a car enthusiastic will love it.

2)Automatic Transmission

The gear shifting are automatic and the gear ratios are engaged by cars computer, the driver is relieved from changing gear and pressing clutch. The more gears the transmission has, the smoother the acceleration of the vehicle. AT is one of the most successful transmission of todays automobile industry. It is easy to use just press the brake and put in P(park)-R(reverse)-N(neutral)-D(drive), it becomes hassle free to drive in traffic. AT is really easy for the new drivers. Though the performance and fuel economy do not match that of manual transmission, but it is getting better with the improvements in the automatic transmission in present times.

3)Continuously variable transmission(CVT)

cvt transmission
It is a better version of automatic transmission also known as single-speed transmission, it offers better fuel economy smoother driving experience. The major difference is it does not have gears, this systems uses belts and pulleys to produce an infinite range of ratios. It has a computer which adjust the pulley to get the best gear ratio, which in return good fuel economy. One pulley is connected to the engine (input shaft) and the other to the drive wheels (output shaft).

The diameter of the pulley varies the transmission’s ratio. Making the input pulley smaller and the output pulley larger gives a low ratio (a large number of engine revolutions producing a small number of output revolutions) for better low-speed acceleration and vice versa. As the car accelerates, the pulleys vary their diameter to lower the engine speed as car speed rises.

It has various advantages :

> Step-less transmission

> High fuel economy

> Smooth drive

> Better emission control

There are some drawbacks :

> Limited amount of torque

> High wear

> High cost

Courtesy :Thomas Schwenke

4)Automated Manual Transmission(AMT)

It is just a manual transmission which works with electronically controlled (microprocessor based) clutch. It has a drive mode D(drive) N(neutral) R(Reverse) gear system just like automatic, but it also has the manual option with + for up shift and – for downshift. Without the manual clutch it helps the driver to less tiredness in traffic. It has best of both world easy to drive and fun to drive.


> Easy to drive

> Better fuel economy

> Reasonable price

>Fun to drive

5)Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

The name itself says it has two clutch. One clutch handles odd gears and other the even gears. When you are accelerating in third gear the computer will pre select the fourth gear and it will deselect the odd clutch and select the even clutch, this reduces the shifting time which improves the performance and fuel efficency. And the same will happen if you’re braking from fourth gear, it will pre select the third gear and deselect the even clutch and select the odd clutch. In this system there is constant power flow even during the transition, therefore no power loss during transition.

I personally love manual shifting cause it adds more fun when your driving. For new drivers Automatic transmission are the best option. But the best is the DCT which adds fun and ease to driving in any condition.

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