Ather 450

Finally an electric scooter which can be compared to normal scooters, unlike all the electric scooters which looked ugly and where very slow. This one is worth giving a look.

Ather 450 is designed and developed by Ather energy and Bangalore based company which was founded by 2 IITians. They have two variants Ather 340 and 450. This is a great step towards reducing petrol scooters on the road, as they are more two-wheelers on Indian Streets.

Ather Energy has also announced the price of the Ather 340 which is priced at ₹ 1,09,750 (on-road Bangalore). Both the Ather 450, as well as the Ather 340, are available on sale in Bangalore only for now. The Ather 450 at a price of ₹ 1,24,750 (on-road Bangalore). Customers will also need to pay an additional ₹ 700 a month for the Ather One plan which will cover all regular service and maintenance costs, including consumables like brake pads, as well as data services which include satellite navigation as well as cloud-connected remote diagnostics and even roadside assistance.

Ather 450

electric scooterAther 450 uses a 2.4 KWH lithium-ion battery (with a life of 50,000 km) with BLDC motor. This motor has a peak power of 7.2 hp and a continuous power of 4.4 hp with a torque of 20.5 NM. It promises 0-40 kmph in 3.9 secs and a top speed of 80 kmph which is good for city conditions. Ather 450 has two modes and economy mode and a power mode. Both have different KM range in economy mode it has the range of 75 km and in power mode it has 60 km. It is said to compete with a conventional 110cc scooter.

Ather has its own grid for charging of electric scooter. It provides first 6 months charging free of cost. You can charge any of your EV here. Ather 450 takes 1 hour for 80% charging and for full charging it takes around 2 hrs 40 mins. It has auto cut off for overnight charging if you charge your ather at your home. You can monitor your charging via ather mobile app.

It has been designed with quick acceleration, great handling, large storage space and new-to-category features like park assist with reverse mode, remote diagnostics, and onboard navigation. Ather 450 has a screen on the front which tell you everything about the vehicle from the charging status to KM range left and also a good navigation map with a built-in SIM card. Which means you don’t need to connect your phone for navigation. Though you can connect your phone using the ather app and see all the status on your phone.


Though it is not available anywhere in India except Bangalore and it is priced ludicrously high for a scooter. Electric technology is at initial level in india and it is worth giving it a try, but for those only who live in Bangalore. I have a strong believe that this company will grow in next 5 years and we can see ather on quite a lot of cities in India. Surely then the prices will come down with more scooters on the road and frequent charging ports.

But it is a good sign for our future as there are millions of scooters on our streets, because it is easy to commute in a scooter. Hence people in bangalore should buy this scooter and atleast help one city for now to reduce the petrol scooters. Also there are 17 charging ather grids which the company is trying to get to 60-70 by end of this year.

Visit Ather website for more details on this electric scooter.

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