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Hello Guys i am here with some information on how to build a ultimate gaming pc, as nowadays games are getting bigger in size and the graphics are mind-blowing. As a Pc gamer you need to have a specs that would meet the requirement of all the latest games and we also want our games to run at highest graphical setting possible.

It is easy to assemble a pc you just need a cabinet, SMPS, motherboard with the processor, hard disk, ram, graphic card, network card and sound card and peripherals.

For building an ultimate gaming pc you might have to dig a hole in you pocket, cause the components are not cheap but you will have a satisfied machine for next few years.

List of components require to build an ultimate gaming machine

1) Mother Board With ProcessorProcessor is most essential part of the computer you need big processor to handle big games. The more processing speed means better the game experience. There are various processor available in market but the best is Intel Core i7-9700K (9th Gen) it is the latest and fastest processor currently on market. It is a 3.6 GHz to 4.9 GHz processor which has 8 cores and 8 threads and the cache limit is 12mb, delivering the ultimate processing speed. This will cost you Rs 35000.

2) Hard Disk

When it comes to storage and speed you need to go for SSD as it provides much better booting and application opening speed. Yet it is costlier than the regular HDD, so you can go for 128GB or 256GB of C drive for OS and games installation and 1TB, 2TB, 3TB HDD for regular storage. The best SSD is Samsung 860 Evo 1TB. Seagate Barracuda 3TB Disk (ST3000DM008) with 7200RPM is a good HDD with SSD performance for gaming. It will cost you around Rs 10000

You can go for Seagate HDD as it is less costly and gives you capacity of HDD and performace of SDD

3) RAM(Random Access Memory)It is the most essential part of the system, it holds all the data when the computer is running, it loads the data from the HDD or SSD. For better game experience you need to install at least 8GB of RAM or Corsair 32GB DDR4 would be the best. Better the RAM better the performance of your system and game. It would cost you around Rs 28000.

4) Graphic CardGraphics is one of the most important factors when it comes to games. Nvidia provides some finest graphics cards which gives you a real world experience while playing games. Currently the best card in market is Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, this provides the ultimate 4k experience. It has a built-in VR ready which means you can plugin your VR headset and experience the Ultimate VR which you could not experience before.


Peripherals include Monitors, Mouse and keyboards. First you would need a good monitor to have good visual experience. Some of good monitors are Asus ROG Swift PG278Q Gaming Monitor with 27 inch and 144HZ refresh rate, BenQ BL3201PT 4k 32 inch with 60HZ refresh rate, BenQ Zowie XL2540 1080p LED Full HD with 240HZ refresh rate (it is the number of times the monitor updates what’s on-screen every second).

Second you would need a good keyboard to play all the racing games and for the better movement in first person shooting game. G.Skill RIPJAWS KM780 RGB is one of the best mechanical gaming keyboard. There is also a high-end Corsair Vengeance K95 RGB keyboard but it is expensive. Logitech also provides some good gaming keyboards in a good price.

Now the mouse which is most essential for playing shooting games. There are various mouse in the market, but a wired one will be better than a wireless mouse. Corsair M65 Pro RGB is one of the best wired gaming mouse and Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is one of the best wireless mouse, and Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is one of the best looking mouse.

So now you have the equipments to build your ultimate gaming pc. So if you are not worried about the budget, go out and buy all of the above and get the best gaming experience. 

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