Hello Guys there is a new type of Storage device for our computers SSD. For a long time we had HDD, one and only choice of storage in our pc and laptops. Only ultra-portable laptops had SSD (Solid State Drive) as a default storage, rest of all the laptops and computers had HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

HDD (Hard Disk Drive): It is traditional spinning nonvolatile storage device for our computers. A hard drive is essentially a metal platter with a magnetic coating that stores your data. A read and write hand access the data while the platter is spinning.


It is cheaper and has a high storing capacity

High Life span, only chance of failure is a mechanical problem or some major error, even after this the data can be recovered.


It is very slow compared to SSD

It has an access speed of 5,000 to 10,000 micro-seconds

Moving parts means high heating issues and low reliability

SSD (Solid State Drive): It does the same functionality as HDD, but the data is stored on interconnected flash memory chips that can retain data even when there is no power supply. It is the fastest storage device available, but the cost of this is like 16 times the cost of normal HDD. For eg if you can get 1tb HDD for 4000 you can get 128gb SSD for 4000. There is no moving parts inside this drive as it stores the data in flash memory, so there is less chance of heating and also consumes less power. It has a good lifespan if the memory chip works fine other wise whole SSD is compromised. There is no way you can transfer the data to other SSD.


It boots up quickly, the speed is like 100 times more than that of normal HDD. The access speed is 35 to 100 micro-seconds.

It loads application fast

No moving parts so good reliability and less heating issues

Low power consumption so long battery life for laptops


It has a low capacity for storage

Even though you get very high-speed access but the price is too high.

For the price of 1tb HDD you get only 128gb of SSD

SSHD(Solid State Hybrid Drive): It is the combination of both SSD and HDD, it gets the speed of SSD and storage capacity of HDD. But still it is not quite fast as SSD but faster than HDD. In a 1 tb SSHD it has typically 8 gb of SSD and rest HDD. Windows detects it as a single device, and a controller chip decides which data is stored on SSD or on HDD.

Advantages of SSHD:

It has the best of both worlds, high-speed and large storing capacity.

It is affordable than SSD

Disadvantages od SSHD:

It is still slower than SSD

It still has fragile moving parts, electromagnetic platters inside SSHD like HDD

HDD has been their for a long time and most people use HDD cause it is cheap and provide like very hight storage in an affordable cost. If you are not using big games or application which you need to open quickly like several times a day SSD is not a good option, you can buy a SSHD which will fulfill all your needs. But if you really want a high-speed storage you can get a 128gb or 256 gb of main storage for C drive and like 1TB HDD of other storage. This will give a quick book and faster application and yet you can store all you movies, songs and games in your HDD.


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