The majority of cybersecurity attacks today have one thing in common. It’s the fact that human error still plays a significant role in making them possible. But it’s not all about the fallibility of human nature. A lot of the problems stem from lack of basic cybersecurity awareness.

If the purpose of a security system was to keep everyone out, there would be no issue. But, even the most restrictive security system still has to allow a few people to pass through by default. For example, technicians tasked with setup and maintenance need to have access.

And all it takes to compromise a system is a single mistake by one person. This means that human agents will always be a risk factor when it comes to cybersecurity.

Not everyone is likely to become a point of failure for cybersecurity. Cybersecurity experts know how to avoid behavior that could lead to an attack. But there are laymen with no formal cybersecurity training. They are usually behind cybersecurity attacks that rely on human error.

Companies valuing their digital assets should prepare their personnel for such attacks. In the rest of this article, we will cover a few ways in which companies can improve their cybersecurity. We will put focus on the human factor in the equation.

Raise Cybersecurity Awareness

Many corporate employees are not acquainted with the concept of cybersecurity as such. Without this basic knowledge, every other cybersecurity measure or protocol is useless. The most efficient way to raise cybersecurity awareness is through mandatory cybersecurity training.

You can do this by organizing cybersecurity seminars. You can distribute written cybersecurity resources. Furthermore, you can encourage your employees to watch free security awareness training videos. You should not limit cybersecurity training to low-level employees. Instead, encompass your entire organization.

Emphasize Procedural Compliance

Raising awareness is not enough to ensure appropriate cybersecurity measures will be upheld. You also need a commitment to security measures. There are procedures specified by ISO 27001 standard or the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

This means your staff should adhere to standard cybersecurity protocols in all circumstances. This approach is crucial for developing a security-orianted company culture. In addition to formal security procedures, employees should adopt cybersecurity best practices. This includes passwords, handing out personal information online and using unprotected wireless networks.

Encourage a Questioning Attitude

Following protocol is essential for long-term cybersecurity. But keeping your staff on the lookout for potential security vulnerabilities is essential. Blind adherence to established procedures can generate complacency within your workforce. This makes them easy targets for hackers. Take a phishing attack that relies on spoofing, for example.

It is more likely to succeed if the target assumes the email is valid because it appears normal. To counteract this tendency, you should encourage employees to develop a critical mindset. Sometimes, things are suspicious because they appear normal in all respects. Only those who maintain a questioning attitude will be able to spot the discrepancy.

Conduct Regular Cybersecurity Awareness Tests

So far, we have talked about preventive measures you can take. But the reality of the situation is that attacks will happen despite your best efforts. Once an attack occurs, you want your entire staff ready to handle the situation! This requires practical training. One way to build practical experience is to simulate likely attack scenarios.

Take note on how your team handles them. Another way would be to hire white-hat hackers to conduct a real attack. They will test your countermeasures. In both cases your employees should know that you will are testing their readiness. But don’t tell them when you will do it.

Stay Alert

As long as companies staff people, the human factor will remain a point of vulnerability. However, hackers are people too. This means the employees can outsmart them with the proper cybersecurity knowledge. Create a culture of cybersecurity within your organization. Stay alert to security threats and your business will not be an easy target for hackers anymore.


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