Excel Shortcut keys


Here is the list of the shortcuts that can make your life easy while using excel. Use Excel 2013 for best experience and all the shortcuts works with excel 2013.

I have included most used shortcuts of excel. If you have any more shortcuts please leave a comment.


Ctrl+NCreate new workbook
Ctrl+OOpen workbook
Ctrl+SSave workbook
F12Save as
Ctrl+PPrint file
Ctrl+F2Open print preview window
Ctrl+F4Close current workbook
Alt+F4Close Excel
Ctrl+Alt+VDisplay the Paste Special dialog box
Ctrl+HDisplay find and replace


Alt+F1Create embedded chart
F11Create chart in new worksheet
Ctrl+Shift+LToggle Autofilter
Alt↓Activate filter
Ctrl+TInsert table
Shift+SpaceSelect table row
Ctrl+SpaceSelect table column
HomeMove to beginning of row
Shift+SpaceSelect entire row
Ctrl+SpaceSelect entire column


Shift+ClickAdd adjacent cells to selection
Ctrl+ClickAdd non-adjacent cells to selection
Shift+F8Toggle add to selection mode
EnterMove active cell down in selection
Shift+EnterMove active cell up in selection
Ctrl+GDisplay ‘Go To’ dialog box
Ctrl+Shift+*Select current region around active cell
Ctrl+/Select current array
Ctrl+\Select row differences
Ctrl+Shift+|Select column differences


Alt+;Select visible cells only
F2Edit the active cell
Shift+F2Insert or edit comment
Ctrl+DeleteDelete to end of line
Alt+EnterStart a new line in the same cell
Ctrl+;Insert current date
Ctrl+Shift+:Insert current time
Ctrl+DFill down from cell above
Ctrl+RFill right from cell left
Ctrl+’Copy formula from cell above


Ctrl+Shift+”Copy value from cell above
Ctrl+KAdd hyperlink
Ctrl+EFlash fill
Ctrl+1Format (almost) anything
Ctrl+Shift+FDisplay Format Cells with Font tab selected
Ctrl+5Apply or remove strikethrough formatting
Ctrl+BApply or remove bold formatting
Ctrl+IApply or remove italic formatting
Ctrl+UApply or remove underscoring
Alt+H+A+CAlign center


Alt+H+A+LAlign Left
Alt+H+A+RAlign Right
Ctrl+Shift+~Apply general format
Ctrl+Shift+$Apply currency format
Ctrl+Shift+%Apply percentage format
Ctrl+Shift+^Apply scientific format
Ctrl+Shift+#Apply date format
[email protected]Apply Time format
Ctrl+Shift+!Apply Number format
Ctrl+Shift+&Add border outline


Ctrl+Shift+_Remove borders
Shift+F3Open the Insert Function Dialog Box
Alt+=Autosum selected cells
Ctrl+`Toggle formulas on and off
F9Calculate worksheets
Shift+F9Calculate worksheets
Ctrl+Shift+UExpand or collapse the formula bar
Ctrl+F3Define name
Ctrl+Shift+F3Define name using row and column labels
Ctrl+Shift++Display Insert Dialog box


Ctrl+-Display Delete dialog box
Ctrl+0Hide columns
Ctrl+9Hide rows
Ctrl+Shift+0Unhide columns
Ctrl+Shift+9Unhide rows
Ctrl+8Hide or show outline symbols
Shift+F11Insert new worksheet
Ctrl+PgDn/Ctrl+PgUpGo to next/prev worksheet
Ctrl+F9/Ctrl+F10Minimize/Mazimize current workbook window
Shift+ClickSelect adjacent worksheets
F7Open Spelling dialog box
Shift+F7Open Thesaurus dialog box
Alt+F8Open Macro dialog box
Ctrl+6Hide or show objects
Alt+’Display Modify Cell Style dialog box
Shift+F10Display right-click menu


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