Here is the list of the shortcuts that can make your life easy while using excel. Use Excel 2013 for best experience and all the shortcuts works with excel 2013.

I have included most used shortcuts of excel. If you have any more shortcuts please leave a comment.


Shortcut Description
Ctrl+N Create new workbook
Ctrl+O Open workbook
Ctrl+S Save workbook
F12 Save as
Ctrl+P Print file
Ctrl+F2 Open print preview window
Ctrl+F4 Close current workbook
Alt+F4 Close Excel
Ctrl+Alt+V Display the Paste Special dialog box
Ctrl+H Display find and replace


Shortcut Description
Alt+F1 Create embedded chart
F11 Create chart in new worksheet
Ctrl+Shift+L Toggle Autofilter
Alt↓ Activate filter
Ctrl+T Insert table
Shift+Space Select table row
Ctrl+Space Select table column
Home Move to beginning of row
Shift+Space Select entire row
Ctrl+Space Select entire column


Shortcut Description
Shift+Click Add adjacent cells to selection
Ctrl+Click Add non-adjacent cells to selection
Shift+F8 Toggle add to selection mode
Enter Move active cell down in selection
Shift+Enter Move active cell up in selection
Ctrl+G Display ‘Go To’ dialog box
Ctrl+Shift+* Select current region around active cell
Ctrl+/ Select current array
Ctrl+\ Select row differences
Ctrl+Shift+| Select column differences


Shortcut Description
Alt+; Select visible cells only
F2 Edit the active cell
Shift+F2 Insert or edit comment
Ctrl+Delete Delete to end of line
Alt+Enter Start a new line in the same cell
Ctrl+; Insert current date
Ctrl+Shift+: Insert current time
Ctrl+D Fill down from cell above
Ctrl+R Fill right from cell left
Ctrl+’ Copy formula from cell above


Shortcut Description
Ctrl+Shift+” Copy value from cell above
Ctrl+K Add hyperlink
Ctrl+E Flash fill
Ctrl+1 Format (almost) anything
Ctrl+Shift+F Display Format Cells with Font tab selected
Ctrl+5 Apply or remove strikethrough formatting
Ctrl+B Apply or remove bold formatting
Ctrl+I Apply or remove italic formatting
Ctrl+U Apply or remove underscoring
Alt+H+A+C Align center


Shortcut Description
Alt+H+A+L Align Left
Alt+H+A+R Align Right
Ctrl+Shift+~ Apply general format
Ctrl+Shift+$ Apply currency format
Ctrl+Shift+% Apply percentage format
Ctrl+Shift+^ Apply scientific format
Ctrl+Shift+# Apply date format
Ctrl+Shift+@ Apply Time format
Ctrl+Shift+! Apply Number format
Ctrl+Shift+& Add border outline


Shortcut Description
Ctrl+Shift+_ Remove borders
Shift+F3 Open the Insert Function Dialog Box
Alt+= Autosum selected cells
Ctrl+` Toggle formulas on and off
F9 Calculate worksheets
Shift+F9 Calculate worksheets
Ctrl+Shift+U Expand or collapse the formula bar
Ctrl+F3 Define name
Ctrl+Shift+F3 Define name using row and column labels
Ctrl+Shift++ Display Insert Dialog box


Shortcut Description
Ctrl+- Display Delete dialog box
Ctrl+0 Hide columns
Ctrl+9 Hide rows
Ctrl+Shift+0 Unhide columns
Ctrl+Shift+9 Unhide rows
Ctrl+8 Hide or show outline symbols
Shift+F11 Insert new worksheet
Ctrl+PgDn/Ctrl+PgUp Go to next/prev worksheet
Ctrl+F9/Ctrl+F10 Minimize/Mazimize current workbook window
Shift+Click Select adjacent worksheets
F7 Open Spelling dialog box
Shift+F7 Open Thesaurus dialog box
Alt+F8 Open Macro dialog box
Ctrl+6 Hide or show objects
Alt+’ Display Modify Cell Style dialog box
Shift+F10 Display right-click menu