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The sensational debate between digital marketing experts and clients is, which is better Google Ads or Facebook Ads?. Most of the time clients will be questioning that which is suitable for their businesses.

The response we get is the common cliche answer that “it depends” on various factors and based on our business or audience.

The Biggest Debate

The answer may be a little confusing but it’s challenging for small businesses on a budget to decide the best marketing strategies. 

However, they can’t test out everything on a tight budget. So it’s always ideal to choose the best one.

Let’s discuss in detail about the differences between Google Ads vs Facebook Ads. Read this article completely to get better insights from the debate.

I hope in the end, you will get better clarity on which marketing investment will be worth taking your business to the next level. 

Before discussing which will give you the best ROI, let’s have a look into the major differences between Google Ads vs Facebook Ads.

What are Google Ads?

google ads

This digital era is amazing for marketers and consumers with its new choices and advancements. Before 10 years, we never thought technology would be a huge support in the marketing world. 

Especially in the times of pandemic COVID 19, technology became the best friend for marketing strategists in the industry.

Technology has changed the purchasing process and display network. We search for everything on the internet and decide on our purchase. We compare many brands online, so this is our new normal.

Google founded in 1998 is ruling the world, Nearly 70% of the whole internet users were using Google search engines. 

Google has thousands of related searches for products, videos, or businesses. You can get relevant results for almost everything under this sun within not more than a blink of our eyes.

Google’s growth since 2000 is tremendous in the advertising market, nearly 40,000 search results it finds in a second. And this is no wonder that the total number of search queries it receives is more than 3 billion a day in landing pages.

And this number is growing into trillions every year, and this is not just yesterday. Google keeps growing consistently over all these years.

Google Ads (former name: Google AdWords) is the largest pay per click advertising platform worldwide.

Moreover, advertisers pay for the ads only when the customer clicks in. Also, there are other search engines with the same technique, but the Google ad platforms are the most popular of all.

What are Facebook Ads?

facebook ads

You refer to Google as a popular paid search, then you can’t deny Facebook as paid social. Social media is playing a vital role in marketing because of the active users. People use social media to engage their thoughts and promoting your business on social platforms has its own benefits.

Most of the advertisers and business owners trust Facebook Ads because of its data. Facebook Ads accounts for 25% of ads last year alone.

The most interesting fact about Facebook is that we reveal our interest and likes subconsciously. And it stores up our data and it’s easy for marketers to target potential audiences based on customer interest and search network.

Facebook knows about more than you know yourself sometimes. It analyzes the pages you like, your location, friends, age, travel, and social networks. This data helps advertisers to target specific users for their products.

This is the major reason why small business owners prefer Facebook Ads as they can target customers and promote their products or services.

For example, have you ever wondered seeing pages or products on Facebook that you have searched on Google?

Yes, usually if Facebook is partnered with a business then automatically you will receive its ad on Facebook Google search. This option is more specific targeting the customer for business.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads – that actually works

google vs facebook

The Major difference between Facebook Ads and Google Ads

The major difference is that Facebook Ads show the products of services to the customer who has shown interest in them. Whereas Google Ads shows up the related Ad when people search for relevant services. 

In simple words, Facebook works on building brand awareness and Google ad formats work on lead conversion.

Let’s explore both in detail

Google Ads focuses on the keywords that people search for and show up the related results to them. This is how its paid search works based on target users and their primary search.

From the user view, Google shows search results based on the particular keyword within a second. In the first pages of search results, users will find pages meant Ads in it.

From the advertiser’s view, the Google Ad allows them to reach customers who search for their specific keywords. For example, a company can mention their geographical location to reach the local customers and target audience.

The ROI for Google Ads vs Facebook Ads


Before a few years, not so long Newspapers, mass communication, and Print ads were the powerful strategies that marketers were following. They didn’t know how their marketing strategies work until customers reached out to their stores and purchased the products.

Now business owners and marketers have options like social media platforms for the promotion. This technology improvement is really helpful for small businesses to reach targeting options.

Which one generates a better ROI?

For a business owner, the only choice to choose in between Facebook Ads and Google Ads will be profit. Obviously one will choose the most profitable strategy.

Our Recommendation

As the business owners and company focus on profit only, we can say that Google is the game-changer of business today.

In terms of ROI, Google is the king as it helps companies to achieve more sales, and also it reduces the investment for Ads.

Our answer may be quite surprising for you, but if you are a new startup the best option to choose is the Google lead campaign. Google will help you to get a better return out of your investment.

You may think that Google Ads needs larger investment and advertising budgets. But it will pay you better and leverage your business. You can seek help from agencies as experts can help you grow within a short time by implementing all the marketing strategies.

Your growth is also important for Google Algorithm, as it is concerned with ranking factors. So Google will strive to deliver the best quality marketing tactics for you.

To conclude this debate, I suggest in simple words that if you are a small startup with high goals and working on the budget. Then Google Ads is the fish in your net.

Bottom Line

Yes, we have a winner in this debate, but it’s always debatable between paid search vs paid social in general on various factors.

Everything has their own pros and cons based on your business, goals, and your target audience. To say one is better than others is not as simple as you think. Both have their own achievements in terms of ROI and campaign.

Every business owner should think beyond ROI and value more on brand awareness, potential customers, leads, conversions, and more.

Just let me wrap it up for you, Google Ads helps to find new customers and achieves high return from marketing investment. On the other hand, Facebook Ads help new customers to find your business and give better ROI.

Kudos to the winner!

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