Hacks for Mobile battery life

Hello guys we all use android phones or iPhones nowadays, and we are dependent on our mobiles for most of our work. We need our mobile battery to withstand as long as it can. Instead of looking for outlets to charge use these hacks to save your battery to last long before next charging.

Avoids apps which drain most of your battery

There are apps which drain your battery very quickly. To see which app is consuming more battery go to -> setting -> battery and see the breakdown of your battery consumption in percentage.

Don’t hit rock a bottom

Don’t let your battery drain down to zero percent. Most mobiles have lithium-based batteries, which are designed to be charged early and often. This might actually improve your battery life over the time.

Keep your phone out of sunlight

Keep your phone in a place where you have temperature lower than room temperature. Do not expose your phone to direct sunlight, because lithium batteries will work good in cool temperature.

Turn the brightness level down

Keep your brightness low, your phone’s battery has to work more to keep up the screen bright if the brightness is high. Also it affects your eyes, so lowering the brightness is good. And nowadays a new feature ‘adaptive brightness’ is available in most smartphones, which sets the brightness according to the surrounding. And always you can make your screen brighter when needed.

Set your phone to automatic lock

Set your phone screens time-out time to 30 secs, yes of course according to your use it may be around 30 secs, and let it auto-lock to save power of your battery

Switch off the vibrate function

It takes a lot of battery power to vibrate your phone, so avoid vibration and keep your phone on ringtone with low volume or silent. Dont keep the volume to high as it also consumes battery.

Close all those open apps

Multi tasking is the awesome feature of this age smartphones, we can switch from one app to other instantly use them at the same time. But if you do not close the app after use they might be running in the background which will eat up your battery. So close the app after use and optimize your RAM which will close all the apps, which will save a lot of battery power.

Turn off social media notifications

Switch off unnecessary notification of your apps, especially Facebook and other social media notification. They drain the most of your battery power every time they are used.

Remember: turn off your GPS & Bluetooth & WiFi

Turning on GPS location is useful it can track your phone, and really useful if your lost especially for girls. But GPS can eat your battery quickly so only use when necessary.

And bluetooth is not required nowadays, you can always keep it off. Unless you are connecting your car with your phone. Because file transfer can be done through other apps like Shareit.

WiFi should be used when you have a strong WiFi hotspot and disconnect it when not in use, it will surely help you save a lot of battery. Though my personal experience is my mobile battery power runs more in WiFi rather than mobile data.

Opt out of background updates and app updates

Avoid auto updates of your apps. If you keep this on, you app will update automatically when ever there is an update. This will consume a lot of your battery power. You should also stop apps running in background.

Forgo the flash photography

Flashes on smartphones are so powerful these days they also double up as a torch! While they may help brighten up a dark photo opportunity, they also consume a lot of phone juice so avoid using the flash unless you really need it.

Though we cannot use all of this hacks at the same time, but we can definitely start using some of them to save out battery life.

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