Apart from providing people with comfort inside the car in adverse weather conditions, a car air conditioning system also offers safety to the borders in many other ways. It prevents the car windows and the windscreen from fogging up during the winter season and ensures clear visibility. Therefore, extreme attention needs to be paid to the installation of a car AC system. It should perfectly suit the specifications and size of the car.

Tips on Buying an Efficient Car Air Conditioning

Coil Used in AC

The coil of an AC has great importance as it is responsible for the compression, evaporation, and condensation of the device. The entire process of heat transfers from inside to outside takes place within the coils. Thus, it is extremely important to check the material of the coil before installing car AC.

A copper coil comes with a higher coefficient of heat transfer than aluminum. Therefore, copper is a better heat exchanger compared to aluminum. However, it is also costlier. Using copper coils in a car AC significantly raises the cost. A car air conditioning system with copper coils costs almost three times more than an aluminum coil AC.

Charges of Installation

Different shops charge their customers differently for the installation of car air conditioners. Sometimes the installation charges are included with the price of the machine and sometimes you have to pay for it separately. Technicians check the settings after the installation for any leaks. The hoses, connections, and belts are also checked and the machine is topped off with a fresh refrigerant.

Irrespective of the amount of refrigerant used, most dealers charge a flat rate for it.  Make sure to compare the charges of installation of various dealers and visit the one that offers the service at a cheap rate.

After Sales Service

In spite of having the best services, the car air conditioning system may develop certain problems and require technical help. Make sure that your dealer has proper after sales service and looks after your AC even after you have paid the bill.

A reputed brand which pursue a service-oriented policy is a good option to go to for the installation of your car air conditioning as they will always be of help in case the AC shows signs of a problem. Go around and ask friends, relatives, and neighbors for their opinion on the dealer with the best after-sales service.

Fuel Consumption

Installing car air conditioning means using more fuel. The car air conditioning puts excess load on the engine and increases the consumption of fuel by 20%. During winters the cabin air is warmed by the AC by using up the heat from the engine and the AC system is also engaged to keep the windows from fogging in case the defogging setting is in use.

All these are a great burden on energy. Therefore, make sure to choose the air conditioning system that is the most energy efficient to save money as well as the environment.

AC capacity

Another important aspect that needs to be kept in mind while buying car air conditioning systems is its capacity. For cooling a large SUV or a wagon a powerful machine has to be installed. On the other hand, smaller cars can do with air conditioning systems with less power.

Buying a small AC for a large car results in inefficient functioning and a waste of money. Thus, before buying, get to know exactly what kind of car air conditioning system is ideal for your car model. 

These steps can be of extreme help to anyone planning to buy a car air conditioning system for their cars. In spite of not being an exhaustive list, the above points note the most important aspects of buying an air conditioning system for your car. Also read how an vehicle AC works


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