BMW service

BMW services present a broad range of exclusive packages that are very unique in them and are guaranteed to give a 100 per cent satisfaction to their customers. These services are very flexible and hence allow the customers to select any package in accordance of their needs.

It’s a dream of most of the people to own a BMW. Once you have it done, you need to go through the BMW service to make it run smoothly. The services provided by a BMW company are the best and give full satisfaction and a guaranteed peace of mind. There is nothing to worry about it. Moreover, the cost of BMW services is not affected by inflation i.e., it is inflation proof. Once the payment is done, you can depend on them with full trust and confidence.

What Is A BMW Service Package?

A BMW service package is a list of facilities or services provided by the authorized and certified experts. These packages are immense, flexible and offer a broad range to its customers. It usually comes with a 3 to 5 years of validity or you can say, it is valid for sixty thousand miles. Once the validity is over, you need to renew the package.

This package provides several additional facilities such as maintaining the brake disc, brake pads and windscreen wipers. All the servicing work is done by the experts and qualified technicians who are well trained and know how to maintain it. They replace the faulty parts with the genuine one.

Packages Offered by BMW Services:

BMW Service inclusive

This package perfectly fits for a long-term comfort. It includes spark plug replacement, oil change and new filters. With a single one-time payment, you can enjoy all the benefits of this package along with a validity of 3 years or you can say 36000 miles and covers further servicing if needed. This package provides a full diagnostic check-up and engine oil top-ups till the servicing period.

BMW Value service

It contains a price list of all the services required for different parts and components of the model, specifically made for the BMW models that are over 3 years old. This package allows the BMW customers to choose the service for a particular part of their model. It also offers a full inspection, and if needed, the damaged or old part will be replaced by the genuine one with a warranty of 2 years.

BMW fast lane service

As understood by the name, this package is very fast and is done within 90 minutes. Within such a short period of time it offers the best service with the help of its expertise. Services included in this package are:

  • Wheel and tyre change
  • Repair of wear and tear
  • Oil service
  • Repair of glass or dent

Air conditioning recharge service

The most important system of your vehicle is the air conditioning system. It not only maintains the temperature inside your vehicle but also does a number of tasks such as filtering pollen, dust and harmful fumes that come from the road. This package helps by checking the pressure and leaks of air conditioning system and refills the refrigerant and lubricants if needed.

BMW engine oil service

This package offers its customer more than just changing of the engine oil. The experts and technicians check every part. This includes:

  • Replacement of Oil filters
  • Engine oil
  • Replacement of ignition plugs after every 2nd oil change
  • Replacement of air and fuel filters after every 3rd oil change

The most beneficial part of BMW service package is that it is transferable to the buyer of a BMW. Selling your BMW with these packages will enhance its price. Whenever you find any service center to get your BMW vehicle serviced, you must make sure the center has certified mechanics.


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