automatic industrial gates

The automatic electric industrial gates require regular maintenance & servicing for optimum performance. Here is an expert guide on how to deal with the servicing & regular maintenance of the automatic electric industrial gates.

How Often Should the Automatic Electric Gate Be Serviced?

The best advice here is to check your owner’s manual. This will particularly specify how frequently your equipment should be serviced & most importantly what are the components & systems which require checking. Generally speaking, automatic industrial gates should be necessarily serviced at least once in a year.

Of course, if you notice that your gate is initiating to act up & not performing normally, then this is a sign that it requires attention. The manual gates come with their own instruction guides, but still, for the motorized ones, you can contact professionals for their inputs regarding the channels and the railings to be included as part of the gate patterns.

What Does an Automatic Electric Industrial Gate Servicing Include?

The requirements of your Automatic industrial gate servicing will depend on the overall model, make, design & any other obvious problem but any service should necessarily include:

Include safety checking –

The photo-cellular beams, open-close stops, loop detectors, emergency fire or safety barriers.

The motor/s –

The mechanical or hydraulic motors are to be thoroughly checked on various parameters like force, pressure, clutch, manual operation, end piston, drive sprocket, oil levels, and motor brackets.

Gate hardware –

The wheels, hinges, bolts & fixings, gate tracks, locks, gear rack, gear rollers, etc. should be lubricated.

Electronic controls –

The output voltage, fuses, wiring, terminal connections, control settings, wiring, relays, and control box condition are to be thoroughly checked. The automation of swing gates and installation and maintenance of sliding gates need to be done from a central electronic system.

Access control –

The pushbuttons, remotes, fire exit loops, intercom, fire exit command, and security open commands are to be necessarily checked.

Why Should You Have an Automatic Electric Gate Serviced Regularly?

There are several reasons to have your automatic industrial gate serviced regularly. The regular servicing extends the life of the electronic & mechanical components which ensure the ongoing reliability while also maintaining the security of the property.

How Long Should You Expect Your Automatic Industrial Gate to Last?

An electric automatic industrial gate’s life varies majorly according to the model, make, location of installation, usage, and environment but this is true that regular servicing, cleaning, and repair help in extending the life of an automatic industrial gate.

The automatic industrial gates require experienced recommendations for the design & functionality of the same is quite complex. After the right assessment of the property, the proposed gate is to be serviced from time to time for its smooth and seamless operation.

Also, understanding the motor’s geometry and the industrial gate’s limitations are the very first step to make sure that the gates look not only good but they should be completely functional for several years. Several automation companies across the world that manufacture industrial gates never deliver end results.

Yes, you do not require being a rocket scientist in order to understand how an automatic industrial gate is installed and how it functions. But being able to keep the word when a company promises to a client that they will achieve the best result. With the proper fundamental understandings of the products & a keen eye on the quality as well as customer satisfaction, the industrial gate manufacturers can very well prove themselves in producing the best results.

If you want, you can now also buy smart automated gates that can be operated with a Smartphone and moreover, you can also buy products that come with a proper warranty.



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