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SharePoint experts do the most important job in the SharePoint environment. He carries out the necessary SharePoint tasks without necessarily being a developer, admin, or an IT person at all. A skilled SharePoint expert is basically an ideal Power-user who ensures a smooth and trouble-free SharePoint experience.

However, it’s not easy to find a SharePoint expert for your company and takes a lot of effort. There are several questions that you should ask yourself before interviewing a candidate or hiring one. Like “How to identify a SharePoint Expert?”. Organizations are interested in making success and outracing their competitors embark on a tough venture of implementing a well-integrated system like SharePoint.

To do so, they take interviews and hire the best SharePoint candidate for their company. For organizations searching for an ideal SharePoint expert, here are some of the qualities that you should look at. For individuals, aiming to become an expert, these are the traits you should adopt.

Characteristics of A SharePoint Expert

1. Ask a lot of questions

A SharePoint expert is basically a SharePoint online power user who has the experience to plan and configure SharePoint. He also can comprehend an organization’s business forms rapidly and instantly, to convey significant course and address issues. While experts can frequently be assigned tasks, they don’t know about or haven’t done before. A SharePoint expert’s main responsibility is to discover precisely what is happening – to comprehend the organization’s needs and to comprehend the customer needs.

So as a feature of the business investigation, it is a SharePoint expert’s job to keep an open correspondence channel with all partners. And also discover precisely what the client needs by posing pertinent inquiries and leading a suitable examination of the business and its needs.

2. Is updated with the SharePoint latest trends

Considering the speed with which SharePoint is presenting new highlights, a noteworthy achievement factor for a SharePoint expert is to keep adapting all the applicable highlights of Sharepoint. Also, investigate and execute the idle or concealed highlights of existing versions of SharePoint.

3. Is good at giving SharePoint Demos

A SharePoint expert must be able to give a demo of the features of SharePoint effectively. If he is asked about a specific SharePoint feature like a site layout or examines how SharePoint works, the specialist ought to have the option to present that component live to the client and ensure the business prerequisites line up with SharePoint capacities to help deal with the customer’s desires as right on time as could be allowed.

4. Know how to customize

At the point when the clients’ needs can’t be met. A SharePoint expert must know how to utilize the out of the box features. He must be knowledgeable about utilizing a few APIs series like REST or OData endpoints. Programming languages like C# or VB.NET, Client Side Object Model, Server Side Object Model, XHTML, JS. And numerous different aptitudes to make a custom or hybrid solutions utilizing SharePoint system.

5. Skilled with 3rd party tools

An expert is continually attempting to tackle issues. When necessities are comprehended, they will consider how best to accomplish the ideal outcomes. There are tools that have just been created by others to take care of explicit issues. Except if specific necessities propose that would be a superior game-plan, and expecting appropriate arranging and examination, outsider devices can rapidly help accomplish the ideal arrangement. Great SharePoint experts know about a wide scope of outsider tools accessible for SharePoint, for example, Sharegate, Nintex, and AvePoint.

6. Expertise on out-of-the-box features

When custom development is also an option in SharePoint, this shouldn’t be wrongly used. A SharePoint Expert understand this and only offers customization to the clients if he can’t utilize any out of the Box feature of SharePoint and its 3rd Party tools. Mostly, A SharePoint expert leverages features of SharePoint efficiently to meet the need of most clients.

7. Client management skills

With each new task, SharePoint experts need to adjust rapidly to the business clients they will work with for the span of the venture. A SharePoint specialist is relied upon to assume a focal job, guaranteeing that a customer’s business procedures are mapped in SharePoint. While simultaneously adjusting customer desires on what is absurd in the framework. A SharePoint expert ought to likewise have the option to improve and clarify complex specialized phrasing so the customer can comprehend and settle on significant and opportune business choices.

8. Good presentation skills

A SharePoint expert spends around 60% of his time in getting presentations ready. Presenting organization blueprint, training other colleagues and end-user, documentation, and adjusting authoritative management processes. Therefore, it is important that a SharePoint expert be able to confidently give a presentation and deliver his ideas and thoughts thoroughly.

9. Must be an expert in documentation

A SharePoint expert also has good documentation skills. These skills save a lot of time and efforts when a customer wants to review the plan and everything else. This eliminate confusions that would rise if there is not a clear documented plan.

10. A good leader and a team-player

A SharePoint expert is not only an expert in carrying out his tasks efficiently. But he is also an expert when it comes to lead a group or work in a team. A SharePoint project is not only about deploying a final product; it’s more about team management, leadership, effective communication, and well though out plan. A SharePoint expert understands this and plays the role of a mentor in getting the things done. He also makes sure that senior and experienced team members are aligned with the juniors. In this way, he helps his team in developing new SharePoint experts, project managers, and skilled developers. His leadership and team management results in leading or managing a project effectively and efficiently.

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