Top 13 Programming Languages to build websites

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Hello, Guys here are some Programming Languages that are that would help you to build websites. I am a website developer and I have worked in these technologies.

So what is programming languages

A programming language is used to control the actions of a machine. It is a way to communicate with the machine. Since computer invention, thousands of programming languages have been created.

A programming language is generally split into two components that are the semantics and the syntax. Where on one hand the syntax is the form or type, the semantics is the meaning of that type or form. A programming language helps to write programs that are identified as an algorithm.

These are some programming languages

PHPprogramming languages

Hypertext Preprocessor is a backend server-side language. PHP is an interpreted script language which means that it is usually processed by an interpreter. It is generally used programming language for web development created in the year 2004. PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language and it is employed to form dynamic pages promptly interacting with database (SQL). It is easy to learn and is written with the HTML codes no separate file is required. Most important it is open source and there is a lot of documentation available.

Learn PHP here, and here

List of websites created using PHP

    • Facebook
    • Wikipedia
    • Flickr
    • Yahoo
    • Istockphoto
    • Tumblr
  • Mailchimp


programming languages

It is also known as the language of the web which makes your web pages interactive, is at the top as it’s basically everywhere and most used programming language. JS is a client-side language, open-source and cross-platform. It was first created in the year 1995. This is a high-level, dynamic, and interpreted programming language that’s supported by all modern web browsers. It allows the developers to build web applications and add interactive elements to the websites.

Learn JavaScript here.


TypeScript is a statically typed language that compiles to JavaScript and it’s growing fast. It is a free open-source programming language developed by Microsoft. It adds static typing and class-based object-oriented programming to the language. The new version 2.1 includes all the new features of JavaScript with optional static types. Angular 2 is built using typescript.

Learn TypeScript here


Hypertext Markup language is the layout of any website. With solely HTML you can create static websites just using CSS for styling the page. It can be embedded in any programming language. It is one of the easiest languages to learn. Basically you cannot create a website without using HTML tags.

HTML5 is the latest version of HTML and it’s dynamic which means that you can create beautiful sites with less code and it does more. It has several new tags introduced.

Learn more about HTML and HTML5. You can also use this link. Useful for visually impaired people. Use this link, I loved the layout of this website. To know little deep about HTML click here.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for styling the layout of your website. It is an important programming language for making your website responsive (mobile friendly).

CSS3 is the new version, with new features like rounded corners, shadows, gradients, transitions or animations, as well as new layouts like multi-columns, flexible box or grid layouts. With the help of CSS3 animation on your web page is possible.


Java is a computer programming language that has been around since the 1990s. It is a high level, robust, secured and object-oriented programming language. It is open-source, meaning anyone can freely use it, it is currently owned and maintained by the Oracle Corporation. Java is a general programming language, meaning it is used for software development, android app development and also for website development. JSP (Java Server Page) is used for web pages development.

List of the websites created using java

  • Amazon
  • LinkedIn
  • eBay

Learn Java and JSP here

These are some frameworks

Frameworks provide you with a starting block and minimize the amount of code needed to build a website.

Angular Js

AngularJs is a google product and one of the most used javascript based framework. It was released in 2009 and it is open source. AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It lets you use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML’s syntax to express your application’s components clearly and succinctly. AngularJs helps eliminate much of the code using its data binding and dependency. All the process is done within the browser which makes it faster and works better with server technology.

List of websites created using angular js

  • Freelancer
  • Netflix
  • Upwork
  • Angularjs

Angular Js 2

Angular Js 2 is an open-source javascript framework to build web apps using HTML and Js and it is more focused on mobile apps. It is used to build complicated web and mobile apps.

It is faster than Angular 1 and easier as it has fewer concepts, also Controller and Scope have been replaced by components which is indeed simpler.

Meteor JS

Meteor is among the most popular JavaScript frameworks. It is a full-stack platform which enables fast development of end-to-end web and mobile applications in pure JavaScript. All the changes in the database are immediately visible in the UI without any server response time.

Ember Js

programming languages

Emberjs is commonly used for complex and rich web application and website. Ember is based on the Model–view–view-model (MVVM) pattern. Ember also has the same two-way data binding as angular js, keeping both view and model synced all the time. Applying Fastboot.js module it ensures prompt server-side rendering of DOM, improving the performance of complex UI’s. Moreover, it has an easier learning curve and there are oceans of tutorials and guide available online.

For more JavaScript Frameworks Click here


programming languages

CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. It is highly secured with very less configuration needed. There is plenty of documentation available. Codeigniter has a simplified code structure.

List of Websites built using Codeigniter

  • Nissan
  • Casio

These are CMS (Content Management Systems)

CMS lets you upload and manage the content for your website. It operates on the backend of your website, allowing you to manage the content and other facets of your website, including the visual layout.


It is the most widely used PHP based CMS. In fact, it is good for blogs. You can basically create a website without any programming knowledge, but if you want intense editing in your WordPress site it is better you go for a professional.

You can find plenty of WordPress sites out there. 14.7% of the world’s top websites are built using WordPress. On average 500+ websites are built daily using WordPress. A total number of websites are 455,000,000.


It is also a PHP based CMS. Magento is an e-commerce platform. Magento uses E-commerce platform which offers organizations ultimate E-commerce solutions and extensive support network. It has a flexible modular architecture which helps the user to create good e-commerce websites.

Here is the list of some most used PHP based CMS

  • Opencart
  • Drupal
  • Joomla

These were some list of programming language which are used for website development. Every single language has its own advantage and disadvantage. But if really want to learn any of this programming language, start with java cause it is widely used, but it is a little bit tough to learn java without any base of programming. PHP is a good option and it can be learned quickly. Also, JavaScript is emerging widely in recent times and learning JS is easy and would be really helpful you to build the awesome frontend of websites quite easily.

Also, consider visiting this website Loudprogrammer. Alternatively, you can search for a coding Bootcamp on bootcamprankings. They have also explained well about which programming language you should select if you are new to programming.

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Hello Guys I am a website developer by profession but is always keen on learning new things. I have been investing in Mutual funds, stock market for the past few years because of which I have gained good knowledge. I started my entrepreneur journey in 2019 which lead me to learn more things as I am moving forward. I always love to share whatever I learn. Always had a craze for cars from my childhood, which inspired me to start this website.

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