20 useful car hacks

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Hello, guys, I am here with some easy tricks for your cars that can be useful.

1) How to cool a hot car in seconds?

Roll Down the windows all the way and open and close the door a few times.

2) The correct way to position car side mirrors.

The side mirrors should be placed in such a way that no part of your car should be visible in the mirror.

3) This is how you fix a scratch.

Scratches can be fixed with nail polish.

4) Stuck in mud or snow? No problem.

If you are stuck in mud or snow use your car floor mats for traction.

5) Do this before driving a rented car.

Take pictures of the car beforehand, so that you can’t be blamed for anything already wrong with it.

6) How to get rid of inside fogging windows.


To avoid fogging windows, cut a potato into half and rub it on the inner side of the window and leave it to dry.

Or use your regular toothpaste to solve this problem. Clean the windshield and apply toothpaste evenly on the windshield. Take a wet paper towel and start wiping the toothpaste off. This keeps the windshield fog-free for a very long time.

You can also use your A/C. Switch on you’re a/c and switch to blower near the windshield and the fogs disappear. But this, not a long time fix.

7) Get a sticker off from a car window.

To remove the sticker of the window, just soak some newspaper in warm water and place it over the sticker for 10 min.

8) Never park the car in gear

cars Handbrake

Most of us have a habit of leaving our cars in gears while parking. This is dangerous if parked on incline, the transmission could be damaged due to the force from the car on transmission or accidentally someone rams your car could damage the drivetrain. So putting your car on the gear on an incline could cost our transmission. Use your hand brake while parking.

9) Need to clean cloudy headlights? Use Toothpaste.

Apply toothpaste to the plastic lens cover with a cloth and thoroughly rub it in all over the lens. Then rinse off completely with clean water and dry.

10) Park Your Car Facing East To Defrost Your Windshield

If you live in a place where frost is a big problem on winter mornings and leave your car parked outside this trick is useful for you. As you park your car outside make sure you park it facing east, as the sun rises in the east. You are using suns warmth to defrost the ice on your windscreen.

11) Easy tip to keep your Interior clean

cars wet-wipes

Use wet wipes to clean the dashboard and other plastic parts of the interiors. They cling onto the dust very easily and also leave a soothing fragrance for a long time.

12) Easy Dustbin for your car

Keep a half-cut plastic bottle in your cup holder or door, and use it as a dustbin. This keeps the car clean and the roads also.

13) Get rid of a smell

If your car is smelly because of some reason, use some baking soda powder and sprinkle it over the floor and the seat and leave it for a night. Baking soda will absorb all the smell. Then clean the interior with a vacuum cleaner.

14) A failed Radiator

If you are stuck in a place where there is no service station nearby, and the car is heating up quickly due to failed radiator, then open your window and turn on your car’s heater, this will absorb the heat from your engine via heater core (click here to know about heater core) and keep your engine cool till a nearby service station.

15) Parking on a steep slope

Parking cars-in-the-mountains

Parking on a steep slope is tricky. While parking the vehicle on an incline, make sure you turn the wheels of the car facing away from the wall and while parking downhill keeps the wheels towards the wall. This ensures that if your car starts moving it will hit the wall and not roll away.

16) Park the car safely in the garage

parking Tennis-Ball

If you have a fixed spot for parking every day in your garage, there is an easy hack that will solve your parking problem. Hang a tennis ball from the roof in a way that it hits the car’s windshield or back windshield at the point where you want the vehicle to stop. This will ensure that you do not hit the wall and will make you self-sufficient.

17) Coast to increase fuel efficiency

Coasting is dangerous so better keep an eye before doing this. If you see a red light from a distance, you can put the car in neutral and coast to the red light. This will put no effort into the engine and will help you to save fuel. And avoid flooring every time you press the accelerator.

18) Keep essentials

Always keep First aid kit, tools, spare tyre, extra mobile, mobile charger. And some money water would also come in handy.

19) Rip your fingers to shreds trying to put a key on a key ring?


Use a staple remover. Put the teeth of the staple remover in between the two rings, then press down and watch them separate

20) Keep your tyre pressure gauge


Keep a tyre pressure gauge to test your tyre pressure on the go. The proper pressure of the tyre will give optimum fuel economy. Also, fill the air in the tyres only after 30 mins or more after driving. If the tyres are warm, they will give you a false reading.

One extra hack

Start Your Car With a Rope

If your car battery is dead and you have nobody around you then you should you this trick. It works only in a manual transmission car.

You just need your jack and rope

1) First, lift up your car using jack (depends if your car is FWD lift your front tyre or RWD lift your rear tyre)

2) Put your car in gear and hand brake on.

3) Circle rope around your tyre couple of times and pull, your car will start.

It should work on small cars, I have not tried it with big SUV’s. You can try it and tell me on comments. So always carry a rope in your car.

These are some car hacks that we can use for our cars in everyday life. Hope some of this helps, there are more hacks available for the car. I have personally tried out 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 15, 17 sometimes and 18.

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