Tesla model x 90d

Tesla Model X Spotted

We have our first Tesla in India. It was spotted a week ago in Mumbai. It was a Model X imported by Prashant Ruia, the CEO of the Essar group – a conglomerate worth a few billion dollars. The video was uploaded by a YouTube channel named AutoArmy check it out here. Visit this channel to see supercars around india.

The Model X is the only SUV that Tesla sells globally. It is a seven seater that has three rows of seating. In the US, it sells for around 130,000 US dollars. When privately imported into India, it costs about 2 crores.

What it is like

Tesla Model X has two motors one in front with 259 HP and 330 Nm of torque, the second in rear with 503 HP and 636 Nm of torque, and a combined power of 532 HP and 967 Nm of torque. Model X is a 7-seater with 4 doors. It has falcon wing doors for access to the second and third row seats. It has a range of 414 km when pulling 1000 KG load.

Tesla model x falcon doorThere are 7 version of Model X, 60D, 70D, 75D, 90D, 100D, and two powerful version with P90D and P100D. There is a Ludicrous mode in P90D and P100D, in this mode the Model X accelerates 0-100 kmph at just 3.2 secs. The Model X features a semi-autonomous driving system that’s called Auto Pilot. Tesla has a plan of Model 3 in india.

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