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We use google on daily basis for everything we want to search online. Today i will tell you some tricks and cool stuff google offers while we search in google. I guess you might be aware of some of the tricks.

Use quotes to search for an exact phrase

Using single or double quotes around your search phrases will give you the relevant results. When you use quotation marks around a phrase, you are telling the search engine to only bring back pages that include these search terms exactly how you typed them in order, proximity.

For eg: If you search Cars in 2018 without quotes you will get results including all the keywords in that phrase. But if you search “Cars in 2018” you will get results which includes this phrase in the same order.

Google Order of Search

This is also important while searching something in google. The order of your search query makes difference in your search results.

For Eg: If you search New cars in 2018 will give you different results and 2018 new cars will give you different results.

Google Number Range Search

It helps you search the range of price for any product. Not only price just any number range can be search with the specific unit of measurement. Just add two numbers, separated by two periods, with no spaces, into the search box along with your search terms.

For Eg: Rs 10000..15000 you will get result which includes the price in this range.

Google Dictionary

While scouting through internet we find many words whose meaning we do not know. Google helps you with that, just type that word in search results with meaning or define and you will get the meaning of that word.

For Eg: Neologism meaning

Google Calculator

It is very helpful tool by google. You can search 5+3 and google will give you result 8. It goes for all the basic calculation. You can also convert units by directly searching 100 m in feet. Click here to use google converter, and click here for calculator.

Google Spell Checker

This one is familiar to all, it is the most common google tools we use everyday. If we spell some word or phrase wrong google will correct it by asking Did you mean (the right word or phrase).

Search by Voice

This kind of search is mostly used in mobile phones, it is really helpful because typing in small screen is irritating.

Search by Image

This feature is very helpful when you have an old image and you do not remember what it is. Just use Image search and google will try to give you the best result possible. Use this link. You can also search image by specific Size, Color, Type, Time, Usage rights.

Google Site Search

You can search anything inside a website by using It is really helpful when you want to search about a specific topic inside a website like Maruti Ignis, “Maruti Ignis”.

Search for similar websites

If you like a website and want to know more similar websites with related topics, use related:

Search specific files

It is very useful when we are only looking for a specific file extension files.

For Eg: If you want pdf about finance just use filetype: pdf on finance.

Search Offline Websites

Yes you can see websites even if the server is down, google keeps a cached version of all the websites you visit. Just use cache:, and you will the cached version.

Know your IP address

Want to know your server’s IP, just type IP address in search query.

Search Specific Domain

If you want to search only .edu, .org websites just use India site:org. By using this in your search query you only search .org sites related to keyword India.

Set Timer

You can use google search engine as a time clock or even as a stop watch. Just search Set timer or stopwatch.

Now here are some fun trick to do in google search

Do a Barrel Roll, type this in google and see.

Type Askew in google search query and have a tilted screen.

Click this link and you will see Google space where everything floats.

Google gravity shatters google into pieces, click here to see for yourself

Bored Want to play a quick game just search atari breakout and go to google images and click on any image, you will shattering images with the ball.

Visit Mrdoob sites and see more awesome effects, all these effects are created using Three.js. There are other effects than google also.

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